Saturday, June 17, 2017

Obiecane odpowiedzi z 13 czerwca :)

Oto obiecane odpowiedzi z 13 czerwca 2017:

  1. Their prices are better than any of their competitors.   
  2. There's no point buying him expensive wines - he doesn't appreciate them.     
  3. Since our research so far has not produced any answers to this problem, we need to adopt a different approach to it.     
  4. She suffers terribly in the winter when it's cold and her joints get stiff.     
  5. If it is a genuine Michelangelo drawing, it will sell for millions.
  6. I've just read an interesting book which has a new approach to Shakespeare.     
  7. He was released from prison after serving two years of a five-year sentence.     
  8. How many competitors took part in the race?
  9. We appreciate the need for immediate action.     
  10. The data is stored on a hard disk and backed up on a CD.     

Myślę, że możemy kontynuować to ćwiczenie... Poniżej kolejne dziesięć zdań, które trzeba uzupełnić brakującymi słówkami z 13 czerwca :) Żeby Wam ułatwić zadanie, słówka podaję raz jeszcze - dla utrwalenia! Zapraszam!
A to nowa porcja zdań! Pokażcie co potraficie! :)
  1. This exercise is designed to trim your ___ and stomach.     
  2. If you're not happy with it, you should complain. Don't just ___ in silence.
  3. The discovery of oil brought many ___ to the town.     
  4. The ___ of jail failed to deter him from petty crime.     
  5. I ___ my possessions in my mother's house while I was living in Spain.     
  6. The author ___ no documentary references to support her assertions.     
  7. She was arrested for shoplifting but was ___ on bail.
  8. One of the many ___ of foreign travel is learning how to cope with the unexpected.     
  9. Drunken drivers pose a serious ___ to other road users.     
  10. Squirrels ___ (up) nuts for the winter.
Odpowiedzi podam 22 czerwca 2017! Śledźcie temat!

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