Wednesday, June 28, 2017

100 idiomów na poziomie PROFICIENCY!

Hello! Ciekaw jestem ilu z czytających w tej chwili ten post jest na poziomie C1-C2? 

Oto dla Was zaawansowani użytkownicy i nie tylko dla Was mam tutaj listę 100 fantastycznych idiomów! 

Zreknijcie na tę stówkę i dajcie znać ile z nich nadal Was zaskoczyło! A może macie jakieś pytania? Zapraszam do studiowania i komentowania!

1. for all I know
2. in the air
3. up in the air
4. beat around the bush
5. bolt from the blue
6. by and large
7. cost a bomb
8. feel in one's bones
9. have butterflies in one's stomach
10. in black and white
11. on the spur of the moment
12. out of the blue
13. ring a bell
14. a piece of cake
15. a wild-goose chase
16. be on the cards
17. cross one's mind
18. different as chalk and cheese
19. down in the dumps
20. get a problem off one's chest
21. keep one's chin up
22. play one's cards right
23. show one's true colours
24. not count one's chicken before ther're hatched
25. be dying for sth
26. fair and square
27. get off on the wrong foot
28. have a frog in one's throat
29. have the gift of the gab
30. in a flash
31. it's all Greek to me
32. keep a straight face
33. be in two minds about sth
34. before one can say Jack Robinson
35. get the hang of it
36. be hand in glove with sb
37. have one's heart in one's mouth
38. hold one's horses
39. like the back of one's hand
40. off the cuff
41. straight from the horse's mouth
42. have one's hands full
43. sth comes in handy
44. the tip of the iceberg
45. bring to one's knees
46. go to any lengths
47. keep oneself to oneself
48. shed light upon
49. the lion's share
50. be second to none
51. every nook and cranny
52. hit the nail on the head
53. in a nutshell
54. make a name for oneself
55. make hay while the sun shines
56. slip one's mind
57. work a miracle
58. a bitter pill to swallow
59. against all odds
60. get the wrong end of the stick
61. in the offing
62. off the point
63. out of the frying pan into the fire
64. past one's prime
65. as a last resort
66. be in a quandary
67. beg the question
68. in a rut
69. in the long run
70. it stands to reason
71. know the ropes
72. on the quiet
73. out of the question
74. rack one's brains
75. a memory like a sieve
76. be in one's shoes
77. be in the same boat
78. behind the scenes
79. does it show?
80. go without saying
81. live out of a suitcase
82. on a shoe string
83. pull one's socks up
84. stand in one's way
85. be ahead of one's time
86. come to terms with
87. in a tick
88. not be one's cup of tea
89. on second thoughts
90. put two and two together
91. make waves
92. speak volumes
93. up and coming
94. ups and downs
95. in deep water
96. the year dot
97. until one is blue in the face
98. a different kettle of fish
99. as busy as a bee
100. dog-eat-dog

Phew! The end!

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