Thursday, May 11, 2017

Episode 9 - clip

So there was Antonio... tied to a chair with his wings clipped. He wanted to make out a few silhouettes he noticed at the door but the thick smoke of incense combined with now even louder performance of Mehdi made it hard to see or hear anything. Antonio had a feeling there were a few women who came by that plane. "But why? What are they going to do with me?", he asked himself. Suddenly, the dancer stopped and approached Antonio and said that it was the right time for him to experience something he had never experienced in his life.

  • clipped wings - podcięte skrzydła, ograniczona wolność
  • make out - dojrzeć
  • incense - kadzidło
  • approach - podejść
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co miał na myśli Mahdi?

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