Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Episode 8 - propeller

Antonio's attempt was futile as there were two other sturdy guys blocking the door. Antonio, despite being strong and tall, realized immediately that fighting would make no sense at all. He was dragged back onto his chair while Mehdi was performing some strange dance around the table. Antonio was trying to start talking to Mehdi anew, but to no avail. Antonio was now being tied to the chair to prevent him from similar ideas of escape. The 'door' guys started burning incense and soon the room was full of smoke. Mehdi added some incomprehensible sounds to the dance and seemed to have been in some trance state. Antonio was trying to free himself but the rope was holding him tight. The situation was becoming really dramatic and Antonio was now thinking up some plan of reasonable action. Nothing came to his mind, though. As he was sitting there, Mehdi performing his ritual dance... Antonio heard some propeller airplane landing near the house. He thought to himself, "Am I in for some bigger party here? I really need to get myself out of it before Mehdi makes use of that machete."

  • attempt - próba
  • futile - daremny
  • sturdy - krzepki
  • drag back - zawleczony z powrotem
  • anew - ponownie
  • to no avail - bez rezultatu
  • incense - kadzidło
  • incomprehensible - niezrozumiały
  • propeller airplane - samolot śmigłowy
W następnym odcinku...
  • Kto przyleciał samolotem śmigłowym?
  • Jak potoczą się losy Antonio?

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