Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 7 - stark

Antonio was very confused, to say the least. Mehdi didn't respond to any question whatsoever. When they got into the room, Antonio was forced to sit down at a small table in the corner. It was around half past two at night; and that was a dark night indeed. Mehdi lit a candle on the table and the three men kept shaking the thunder sheets even louder. The sound of it slowly began to make Antonio mad. When the room was better lit, Antonio noticed that the ball room had been prepared and ready for some sort of ritual. He came to Morocco on holidays, to find a woman he would fall in love with and then, there he was sitting on a chair in a weird room with some guys whose intentions were unclear. Antonio realized he was in a trap. Mehdi must have had it all arranged and Antonio, being a naive tourist, fell for it so easily. Mehdi disappeared for a few minutes and turned up again wearing a long Moroccan patterned robe. He was brandishing a machete. The stark reality was that Antonio was in trouble. Seeing that he jumped off his chair and decided to run away.

  • confused - zakłopotany
  • respond - reagować
  • ritual - rytuał
  • trap - pułapka
  • naive- naiwny
  • fall for sth - dać się nabrać
  • turn up - pojawić się
  • robe - szata
  • brandish - wymachiwać
  • stark - nagi
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czy Antonio zdoła uciec?

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