Monday, May 8, 2017

Episode 6 - twitch

Antonio was getting scared. The whole situation was kind of spooky. The drinks had already evaporated from his head and he felt sober again. He smelled a rat there. And... he was right. Mehdi remained silent as they were getting inside the house accompanied by the sound made with those disconcerting thunder sheets. Antonio noticed a twitch at the corner of his Moroccan 'friend''s eye, which made him think of what a stupid thing he had done agreeing to go with Mehdi. When they got into the house, he couldn't believe his eyes... They entered a huge ball room with thunder sheets hanging all around it. The sheets were being shaken by three other men.

  • spooky - straszny
  • evaporate - wyparować
  • sober - trzeźwy
  • smell a rat - wyczuć podstęp
  • disconcerting - niepokojący
  • ball room - sala balowa
  • twitch - tik
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co wydarzyło się na sali balowej?

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