Thursday, May 4, 2017

Episode 4 - in a flap

Mehdi asked Antonio if he would like to go for a ride around Agadir. He said that they had spent very nice time talking and he wanted to make friends with Antonio. Antonio was an extrovert so he had no problems socializing with people, and Mehdi's invitation sounded much better than going back to the hotel and locking oneself up in a room. Antonio wasn't tired as he had his nap before so he jumped at the idea. They got into Mahdi's Mercedes-Benz E-Class and left Agadir. They carried on their conversation in the car but Antonio noticed that Mehdi was in a flap. He couldn't understand why, though. Was it because of the new friendship they made or was it something else...

  • go for a ride - jechać na przejażdżkę
  • make friends - zaprzyjaźnić się
  • lock up - zamknąć się
  • sound - brzmieć
  • nap - drzemka
  • jump at - ucieszyć się
  • carry on - kontynuować
  • be in a flap - być zdenerwowanym 
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jak wyglądała przejażdżka z Mahdi?

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