Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Episode 20 - THE END

Antonio was following Mehdi in a taxi. They were driving for some 10 minutes until Mehdi’s car stopped in front of a white villa in the suburbs. Antonio stopped the taxi driver and asked him to wait for him. He got out of the car and called Mehdi. The man turned round and seemed to be a bit surprised to see Antonio. Antonio started walking towards Mehdi, but once Mehdi realized who Antonio was, decided to attack the poor tourist. They started fighting. They were exchanging blows and blood was gushing from their noses. Then… Mehdi took a knife out of his pocket and attempted to pierce Antonio’s chest. Antonio, however, knowing a few practical tricks, managed to use that attack to his own advantage and was now sitting on Mehdi’s back with the knife on his neck. He then shouted “Where’s Fatima? What have you done to her?” Mehdi yelped that Fatima was in the villa. Antonio administered a sharp blow to Mehdi’s head and the man passed out. He dragged the man into the house and tied him up to the stairs railing. Luckily there was nobody in the house and Antonio commenced his search for Fatima. Mehdi had a big villa and it took Antonio some time fore he came across a locked door in the cellar. He found a crowbar and broke the padlock. Fatima was inside… beaten almost to death, all her body was covered in blood and bruises. Antonio dashed to see whether she was still breathing… She was. He immediately called an ambulance, the police and his friend from the Embassy. The police took Mehdi and Antonio for questioning while the ambulance took poor Fatima to hospital. After a few days Mehdi was sentenced to prison on the charge of attempted assassination of her sister, drug dealing and assault on Antonio. Fatima was slowly recovering in hospital under a watchful eye of Antonio. After two weeks Antonio proposed to Fatima in hospital and Fatima reciprocated his feeling. They both went back to Antonio’s homeland and lived there happily ever after. The end. J  

  • in the suburbs - na przedmieściach
  • gush - tryskać
  • pierce - przedziurawić
  • yelp - skomleć
  • a sharp blow - ostry cios
  • pass out - stracić przytomność
  • drag - zaciągnąć
  • tie up - związać, przywiązać
  • commence - rozpocząć
  • crowbar - łom
  • padlock - kłódka
  • attempted assassination - usiłowanie zabójstwa
  • assault - napad
  • watchful eye - baczne oko

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