Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 2 - slit drums

You have to know that Antonio was a very handsome guy. He was paralyzingly attractive and he could have any woman he wanted but there was one thing... he had always been dreaming about a woman who would be different from any other woman had ever met. So there he was... lying on the beach in Agadir. Tired as he was, he fell asleep almost instantly being tickled by a delicate breeze. An hour or so passed when he woke up again hearing some music in the distance. Since Antonio was an artistic soul, he couldn't resist the temptation of going there. And so he followed the sounds... After a 15-minute-walk, he found himself sipping some exotic drink sitting in a nice beach bar listening to a live band's performance. The musicians were playing slit drums, the instrument that Antonio learnt to play when he was a teenager and spent time in Tanzania. Suddenly, some bloke came to his table and asked if he could join him. Antonio agreed although he didn't really feel like talking to anybody. The guy's name was Mehdi.


  • paralyzingly - paraliżująco
  • instantly - natychmiast
  • tickle - łechtać
  • artistic soul - dusza artystyczna
  • resist - oprzeć się
  • temptation - pokusa
  • sip - popijać
  • slit drums - tam-tamy
  • bloke - facet

W następnym odcinku...

  • Kim jest Mehdi?
  • Co wyniknie z tej znajomości?

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