Thursday, May 25, 2017

Episode 19 - slap

On the roof a nearby shop was Antonio looking at the window of his hotel room. He saw as Mehdi came inside and started looking for something throwing around Antonio's things. But what was he looking for? Antonio had nothing whatsoever that could have belonged to either Mehdi or anybody else. Then, he noticed the receptionist, who came into the room after Mehdi, trying to stop him from plundering Antonio's room. Mehdi turned back and slapped the girl in the face. The blow must have been hard enough to knock the girl down. Apparently, Mehdi was furious and could have done anything to anybody who would turn up in his way. Antonio couldn't stand this any more. As for a well-knit man, he felt he wasn't able to brace up his courage. He knew, he had to do something, but at that moment, he felt just helpless. He thought that he should follow Mehdi to know of his whereabouts and then face him in more favorable circumstances. He didn't have to wait long as Mehdi left the hotel no longer than after a quarter. Mehdi got into his car and before he pulled off, Antonio managed to hail a taxi to follow Mehdi's car.

  • throw around - rozrzucać
  • plunder - plądrować
  • slap - uderzyć
  • blow - cios
  • knock down - powalić z nóg
  • turn up - pojawić się
  • well-knit - dobrze zbudowany
  • brace up one's courage - zdobyć się na odwagę
  • favorable circumstances - korzystne okoliczności
  • pull off - odjechać
  • hail a taxi - zawołać taksówkę

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