Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Episode 18 - layperson

Suddenly he had an idea to call Clem. At last she was Fatima's friend so, he thought, she must have known of Fatima's hiding place. He dialled the number again. Clem wasn't answering. Antonio regretted being such a layperson as regards stories that would please a detective. On the one hand, he wanted to drop everything and just leave, but on the other hand, the thought of not being there for Fatima and Clem made him feel a coward. As he was going down the stairs of the hotel to go for a little walk and refresh himself a bit, he heard a familiar voice downstairs. The receptionist was talking to someone whose voice he did know way too well. It was Mehdi. He was shouting at the receptionist and demanded keys to some room. Antonio was wondering why Mehdi should be interested in any room in the hotel. A few hypotheses crossed his mind when he realized that Mehdi wasn't looking for anyone else but him. Mehdi was clearly enraged and Antonio could easily tell that his intentions towards him were far from peaceful. Mehdi headed for the elevator. Sensibly enough, Antonio decided to wait until Mehdi got into the elevator in order to sneak out of the hotel through the back door. Again, he found himself in the street trying to find a good observation post.

  • hiding place - kryjówka
  • layperson - laik
  • drop - rzucić
  • coward - tchórz
  • cross one's mind - przyjść do głowy
  • enraged - rozwścieczony
  • sneak out - wymknąć się
  • observation post - punkt obserwacyjny

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