Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 17 - masterful

Mehdi got to the hotel and wanted to talk to Fatima. He asked about her at the reception. A girl told him that Fatima had left Agadir for she was afraid of her bossy and impetuous brother Mehdi. Antonio asked where Fatime had gone. The receptionist gave him no answer though. When Antonio was about to get to into the elevator, the receptionist stopped him and said that Fatima had left a note in his room. 

Antonio got to his room and found a small envelope on the table. It contained just a small piece of paper which said:

"Antonio. I am sorry about the whole situation. Please forgive me and my brother. I have to leave. Please, don't look for me."

Antonio, whose love for her was now stronger and stronger, couldn't resign himself to this. He felt anger towards Mehdi as he blamed him now not only for his own distressing experience but also, and perhaps even more bitterly, for being deprived of standing a chance with Fatima. The cards were stacked against him. Antonio was sitting on his bed thinking of how to be masterful.

  • bossy - władczy
  • impetuous - porywczy
  • resign oneself to - pogodzić się z czymś
  • distressing - smutny
  • bitterly - gniewnie
  • cards stacked against sb - wszystko się układa się na niekorzyść
  • masterful - pewny siebie (posiadający zdolność kontrolowania)

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