Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode 16 - musing

After the meeting with Clem Antonio stayed in the cafe a little longer pondering his musings on life. He felt grateful to Clem for what she'd done for him. His thoughts were also with Fatima, whose beauty he was enthralled by. Finally, he was trying to understand Mehdi, who was Fatima's demoralized brother.

Having spent an extra hour at the cafe, Antonio decided to dash off to his hotel in hope of seeing Fatima. As he was walking to the hotel, he was still trying to sort our all the complexities of whatever had happened to him since his arrival to Morocco. He hoped to spend carefree holidays in Agadir and, all of a sudden, he found himself entangled with an inexplicable series of events affecting him both physically and mentally... As the hotel was getting closer, Antonio was designing a plan of how to strategically cope with all the issues that were currently on his plate.

  • ponder - rozważać
  • musings - zaduma
  • enthralled - zauroczony
  • dash off - szybko się udać 
  • carefree - beztroski
  • entangle - uwikłać się
  • inexplicable - niewytłumaczalny
  • cope with - poradzić sobie z
  • on sb's plate - (mieć sprawy) na głowie

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