Friday, May 19, 2017

Episode 15 - slap-dash

Ma Cafe was busy as usual. Antonio came to the spot a quarter earlier than planned to find a good table for two in a quieter part of the cafe. As he was sitting there drinking a cup of strong Arabic coffee, a woman in her early thirties came to his table and asked if she could join him. It was Clem. She introduced herself as Fatima's friend and started to tell her story. She became Fatima's friend through Mehdi, whose girl she had been until Mehdi hobnobbed with a local gang. Mehdi's life changed dramatically and so did his demeanor. No longer was he a loving son and brother. Instead, he turned into a ruthless monster addicted to gambling, women, and easy money. He would do anything not to lose a penny and everything to make himself richer. When Antonio was taken that night to the abandoned building, Clem was with Mehdi. At that time she had long disapproved of her boyfriend's connections and what eventually became of him. The performance he gave in front of Antonio was the last drop that overflew Clem's cup of bitterness and disappointment. Antonio was kidnapped to make sure Mehdi won some bet but the bet, as Clem was explaining, was just a good reason for Mehdi to take pleasure from tormenting Antonio. Then she told Antonio what would have happened if she hadn't acted in his defence as Mehdi was becoming more and more aggressive in his pursuit of fulfilling the bet. At one point he was ready to abuse his power in more sophisticated ways and even kill Antonio. But for Clem's decision to stand up for Antonio, he wouldn't have made it through the ordeal that Mehdi had devised in his sick head. Once Clem brought Antonio back to the hotel, she made up her mind to break up with Mehdi. That decision made Mehdi even more furious and incalculable, which was the reason why Clem wanted to warn Antonio about her ex-boyfriend determination to take revenge on Antonio. Clem herself had to hide as she knew Mehdi would try to punish her for what he believed was Antonio's fault. That was her story she wanted to share with Antonio, who was listening to her every word with utmost concentration. Antonio thanked Clem for saving his life, the piece of paper with her phone number and the meeting. It was a slap-dash meeting but it resulted in Antonio's promise to be at Clem's disposal as he owed her one.  

  • hobnob - zadawać się
  • demeanor - zachowanie
  • ruthless - bezlitosny
  • cup of bitterness - czara goryczy
  • torment - dręczyć
  • stand up for - stanąć w obronie
  • ordeal - gehenna
  • incalculable - nieobliczalny
  • slap-dash - szybki, na łapu capu
  • owe sb one - być zobowiązanym do odwzajemnienia się
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jak dalej potoczą się losy Antonio?
  • Czy Mehdi będzie szukał zemsty?
  • Czy Fatima odwzajemni uczucie Antonio?

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