Thursday, May 18, 2017

Episode 14 - token

On that piece of paper was Fatima's best friend's phone number. She didn't say a word about it though and left Antonio's room. Antonio let her leave him alone he had a million questions to ask and yet he was not able to word even one. He was so confused about his whole stay in Agadir. Fatima won his heart and he was not able to hurt her despite he had all reasons to deal with Mehdi like a man. But why was the number in Antonio's pocket? Who put it in there and why? Antonio decided to call the number not knowing what would eventually come out of this. He just thought that the number wasn't in his pocket for no reason. He dialled the number and waited for the other person to answer the phone. After the second beep a female voice asked "Hello. Clem speaking. I have been waiting for your call." Antonio was stunned again. He asked Clem to explain the whole situation to him. She said they had to meet somewhere to discuss things. She also added that her phone number on that piece of paper in Antonio's pocket was her love-token. Now Antonio was totally perplexed. They agreed to meet at Ma Cafe at 2 pm the next day.

  • win sb's heart - ująć kogoś za serce
  • like a man - po męsku
  • stunned - wstrząśnięty, ogłuszony
  • love-token - dowód miłości
  • perplexed - zmieszany, zakłopotany 
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co wyniknie ze spotkania Antonio z Clem?

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