Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Episode 13 - dip

Then he held Fatima's hand and asked her to see her brother Mehdi to talk about the whole thing. Fatima said it was not possible because she had promised her brother not to give Antonio any information about her brother's whereabouts. Antonio dipped his hand in his pocket and took out a piece of paper with a phone number. "Somebody put it into my pocket that night", he said. "Do you know whose number it may be?", he asked. Fatima, as if struck by lightning, stood up and headed for the door.

  • whereabouts - miejsce pobytu
  • dip - zanurzyć
  • struck by lightning - uderzony piorunem
  • head for - skierować się do
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czyj numer telefonu zobaczyła Fatima?

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