Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 12 - stray

When he came round, Fatima was sitting next to him. She told him that Mehdi was her brother and he had entangled himself in that bet when he was not very sober, to put it mildly. Fatima felt sorry for her brother so she decided to help him by letting her brother know of any single foreign tourist who could be a good candidate to perform the task. Since Antonio was the only such person to have checked in at the hotel that day, Fatima had no choice but point at him to save her brother from losing the money. The whole story came as a shock to Antonio, however, his thoughts strayed far from what happened that night as he couldn't focus on anything but Fatima. Then he...

  • come round - odzyskać przytomność
  • entangle in - wplątać się w
  • sober - trzeźwy
  • stray - odbiegać
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co zrobi Antonio?

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