Monday, May 15, 2017

Episode 11 - gnaw

He was woken up by a knock on the hotel room door. This time he managed to stand up and went swaying to the door to see who that was. To his surprise he saw a dazzling young woman who brought him breakfast. Antonio let the woman in and asked her whether she knew anything of how he found himself back in his hotel room. The lady introduced herself as Fatima and asked whether she could sit down to tell Antonio what had happened. Antonio sat on the bed and submerged himself in listening to a person he knew, he wouldn't leave Morocco without for he felt it was love at first sight. At that time, however, he was speechless and overwhelmed by the charm of his guest. As he was listening to her story, he was gradually becoming aware of what happened that night in the abandoned building. It turned out that Antonio was an object of a bet between Mehdi and the woman he thought he saw in the ballroom that night. He had to be delivered to the abandoned house, where he was to be scared. The bet was as high as $ 10 000 so Mehdi risked a lot not to lose such an amount of money. He even resorted to kidnapping a tourist. Then Antonio asked Fatima why she had come to him to tell all that. Fatima answered she had been gnawed by guilt of not warning Antonio as she had known about this plan before. She told him that after the quirky show Mehdi sedated him and took him back to the hotel, where Fatima took care of Antonio afterwards. Having heard all this, Antonio passed out...

  • sway - chwiać się
  • dazzling - olśniewający
  • submerge in - zanurzyć się
  • love at first sight - miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia
  • speechless - oniemiały
  • overwhelmed - oszołomiony
  • charm - czar
  • turn out - okazać się
  • resort to - uciec się do
  • gnaw - dręczyć
  • guilt - wina
  • sedate - podać środek uspokajający
  • pass out - stracić przytomność
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czy Antonio będzie chciał zemsty?

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