Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Episode 20 - THE END

Antonio was following Mehdi in a taxi. They were driving for some 10 minutes until Mehdi’s car stopped in front of a white villa in the suburbs. Antonio stopped the taxi driver and asked him to wait for him. He got out of the car and called Mehdi. The man turned round and seemed to be a bit surprised to see Antonio. Antonio started walking towards Mehdi, but once Mehdi realized who Antonio was, decided to attack the poor tourist. They started fighting. They were exchanging blows and blood was gushing from their noses. Then… Mehdi took a knife out of his pocket and attempted to pierce Antonio’s chest. Antonio, however, knowing a few practical tricks, managed to use that attack to his own advantage and was now sitting on Mehdi’s back with the knife on his neck. He then shouted “Where’s Fatima? What have you done to her?” Mehdi yelped that Fatima was in the villa. Antonio administered a sharp blow to Mehdi’s head and the man passed out. He dragged the man into the house and tied him up to the stairs railing. Luckily there was nobody in the house and Antonio commenced his search for Fatima. Mehdi had a big villa and it took Antonio some time fore he came across a locked door in the cellar. He found a crowbar and broke the padlock. Fatima was inside… beaten almost to death, all her body was covered in blood and bruises. Antonio dashed to see whether she was still breathing… She was. He immediately called an ambulance, the police and his friend from the Embassy. The police took Mehdi and Antonio for questioning while the ambulance took poor Fatima to hospital. After a few days Mehdi was sentenced to prison on the charge of attempted assassination of her sister, drug dealing and assault on Antonio. Fatima was slowly recovering in hospital under a watchful eye of Antonio. After two weeks Antonio proposed to Fatima in hospital and Fatima reciprocated his feeling. They both went back to Antonio’s homeland and lived there happily ever after. The end. J  

  • in the suburbs - na przedmieściach
  • gush - tryskać
  • pierce - przedziurawić
  • yelp - skomleć
  • a sharp blow - ostry cios
  • pass out - stracić przytomność
  • drag - zaciągnąć
  • tie up - związać, przywiązać
  • commence - rozpocząć
  • crowbar - łom
  • padlock - kłódka
  • attempted assassination - usiłowanie zabójstwa
  • assault - napad
  • watchful eye - baczne oko

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Episode 19 - slap

On the roof a nearby shop was Antonio looking at the window of his hotel room. He saw as Mehdi came inside and started looking for something throwing around Antonio's things. But what was he looking for? Antonio had nothing whatsoever that could have belonged to either Mehdi or anybody else. Then, he noticed the receptionist, who came into the room after Mehdi, trying to stop him from plundering Antonio's room. Mehdi turned back and slapped the girl in the face. The blow must have been hard enough to knock the girl down. Apparently, Mehdi was furious and could have done anything to anybody who would turn up in his way. Antonio couldn't stand this any more. As for a well-knit man, he felt he wasn't able to brace up his courage. He knew, he had to do something, but at that moment, he felt just helpless. He thought that he should follow Mehdi to know of his whereabouts and then face him in more favorable circumstances. He didn't have to wait long as Mehdi left the hotel no longer than after a quarter. Mehdi got into his car and before he pulled off, Antonio managed to hail a taxi to follow Mehdi's car.

  • throw around - rozrzucać
  • plunder - plądrować
  • slap - uderzyć
  • blow - cios
  • knock down - powalić z nóg
  • turn up - pojawić się
  • well-knit - dobrze zbudowany
  • brace up one's courage - zdobyć się na odwagę
  • favorable circumstances - korzystne okoliczności
  • pull off - odjechać
  • hail a taxi - zawołać taksówkę

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Episode 18 - layperson

Suddenly he had an idea to call Clem. At last she was Fatima's friend so, he thought, she must have known of Fatima's hiding place. He dialled the number again. Clem wasn't answering. Antonio regretted being such a layperson as regards stories that would please a detective. On the one hand, he wanted to drop everything and just leave, but on the other hand, the thought of not being there for Fatima and Clem made him feel a coward. As he was going down the stairs of the hotel to go for a little walk and refresh himself a bit, he heard a familiar voice downstairs. The receptionist was talking to someone whose voice he did know way too well. It was Mehdi. He was shouting at the receptionist and demanded keys to some room. Antonio was wondering why Mehdi should be interested in any room in the hotel. A few hypotheses crossed his mind when he realized that Mehdi wasn't looking for anyone else but him. Mehdi was clearly enraged and Antonio could easily tell that his intentions towards him were far from peaceful. Mehdi headed for the elevator. Sensibly enough, Antonio decided to wait until Mehdi got into the elevator in order to sneak out of the hotel through the back door. Again, he found himself in the street trying to find a good observation post.

  • hiding place - kryjówka
  • layperson - laik
  • drop - rzucić
  • coward - tchórz
  • cross one's mind - przyjść do głowy
  • enraged - rozwścieczony
  • sneak out - wymknąć się
  • observation post - punkt obserwacyjny

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 17 - masterful

Mehdi got to the hotel and wanted to talk to Fatima. He asked about her at the reception. A girl told him that Fatima had left Agadir for she was afraid of her bossy and impetuous brother Mehdi. Antonio asked where Fatime had gone. The receptionist gave him no answer though. When Antonio was about to get to into the elevator, the receptionist stopped him and said that Fatima had left a note in his room. 

Antonio got to his room and found a small envelope on the table. It contained just a small piece of paper which said:

"Antonio. I am sorry about the whole situation. Please forgive me and my brother. I have to leave. Please, don't look for me."

Antonio, whose love for her was now stronger and stronger, couldn't resign himself to this. He felt anger towards Mehdi as he blamed him now not only for his own distressing experience but also, and perhaps even more bitterly, for being deprived of standing a chance with Fatima. The cards were stacked against him. Antonio was sitting on his bed thinking of how to be masterful.

  • bossy - władczy
  • impetuous - porywczy
  • resign oneself to - pogodzić się z czymś
  • distressing - smutny
  • bitterly - gniewnie
  • cards stacked against sb - wszystko się układa się na niekorzyść
  • masterful - pewny siebie (posiadający zdolność kontrolowania)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Episode 16 - musing

After the meeting with Clem Antonio stayed in the cafe a little longer pondering his musings on life. He felt grateful to Clem for what she'd done for him. His thoughts were also with Fatima, whose beauty he was enthralled by. Finally, he was trying to understand Mehdi, who was Fatima's demoralized brother.

Having spent an extra hour at the cafe, Antonio decided to dash off to his hotel in hope of seeing Fatima. As he was walking to the hotel, he was still trying to sort our all the complexities of whatever had happened to him since his arrival to Morocco. He hoped to spend carefree holidays in Agadir and, all of a sudden, he found himself entangled with an inexplicable series of events affecting him both physically and mentally... As the hotel was getting closer, Antonio was designing a plan of how to strategically cope with all the issues that were currently on his plate.

  • ponder - rozważać
  • musings - zaduma
  • enthralled - zauroczony
  • dash off - szybko się udać 
  • carefree - beztroski
  • entangle - uwikłać się
  • inexplicable - niewytłumaczalny
  • cope with - poradzić sobie z
  • on sb's plate - (mieć sprawy) na głowie

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Co trzymam w ręku?

Ano trzymam majowo-czerwcowe wydanie wspaniałego pisma Business English, czyli magazynu poświęconemu - najogólniej rzecz biorąc - biznesowemu językowi angielskiemu. Nie zamierzam jednak poprzestać jedynie na tym stwierdzeniu, ponieważ uważam, że warto podzielić się z Wami tym, jak wartościowe okazuje się być to wydawnictwo w ogóle, a to wydanie w sposób szczególny, jako że mam je przed oczami! Zatem do dzieła! Przyjrzyjmy się temu magazynowi nieco bliżej!

Otóż, warto zwrócić uwagę na kilka ogólnych kwestii dotyczących tego pisma, które pozwolą rozbudzić Wasze nim zainteresowanie, ponieważ, jeśli uczysz się języka angielskiego - i nie jest tak naprawdę ważne, czy jest o język biznesowy czy nie, to ten magazyn jest ze wszech miar godny polecenia ze względu na swoje liczne zalety, do których już przechodzę...

Po pierwsze, trzeba uczciwie powiedzieć, że jest to magazyn, jako się rzekło, o ogólnej, jednak raczej szeroko rozumianej tematyce biznesowej. Ogólność ta jednak pozwala usatysfakcjonować zarówno uczących się języka ogólnego, a już na pewno tych, którzy nieco bardziej interesują się różnorodnymi sprawami świata biznesu.

Dwumiesięcznik ten ma bardzo sympatyczny układ treści, dzięki czemu oferuje dość szeroką paletę tematów, dlatego śmiem twierdzić, że każdy znajdzie tu coś dla siebie. Oto sekcje, jakie możemy znaleźć w tym magazynie:
  • in brief
  • moments in business history
  • poland
  • international
  • cover story
  • business profile
  • business woman
  • business trends
  • money
  • travel
  • technology
  • managing people
  • business language
Jak widać, oferta jest bogata, a teksty, z ręką na sercu, absorbujące, nietuzinkowe i godne uwagi. Na ponad osiemdziesięciu stronach dwumiesięcznika znajdziemy teksty krótsze i dłuższe, dotyczące Polski oraz spraw zagranicznych. W każdym wydaniu artykuł przewodni z okładki (cover story) oraz szereg innych tekstów zgodnie z sekcjami wspomnianymi wyżej. 

To na co jednak chciałbym zwrócić uwagę w sposób szczególny, to kilka spraw związanych z faktem, iż magazyn ten jest wyjątkowo przyjazny uczącym się języka angielskiego. Dzieje się tak z co najmniej kilku powodów. Business English jest atrakcyjny, ponieważ począwszy od jakości papieru, zdjęć (co dla niektórych ma nie mniejsze znaczenie podczas nauki), poprzez szereg pasjonujących tekstów z wyjaśnionymi od razu słowami/zwrotami, które absolutnie uprzyjemniają samo czytanie, zrozumienie tekstów oraz sprawiają tym samym radość z owocnego obcowania z językiem, co bez wątpienia uzależnia i motywuje do czytania kolejnych artykułów, a skończywszy na możliwości ściągnięcia nagrań wielu tekstów, co samo w sobie ma wiele zalet, choćby takich jak możliwość utrwalenia słownictwa, zasłuchania się w melodię czytanych tekstów, wysłuchania tekstu pod kątem jego wartości merytorycznej, itp., wszystko to sprawia, że nie można oderwać się od pisma! Trudno też nie wspomnieć o dodatkach, które czytelnik otrzymuje w prezencie. W tym wydaniu jest to kilkanaście cennych stron dodatku o tytule 'Coaching'. 

Na koniec, chciałbym jeszcze wszystkich zachęcić do czytania tego magazynu pisząc kilka słów o jednym z artykułów z bieżącego wydania. Otóż jest to artykuł o tytule 'A Post-Brexit World: Winners and Losers?' Bez wątpienia jest to dzisiaj dość gorący temat, który dotyczy nie tylko Polaków, ale ma wpływ na szereg kwestii dotyczących ustalonych dotychczas prawideł funkcjonowania UK w Unii Europejskiej, w Europie i świecie. Artykuł ten dociekliwie przygląda się takim kwestiom związanym z Brexitem jak UE dwóch prędkości, imigracja, wpływ na gospodarkę, usługi finansowe, ale nie pomija także opinii zwykłych Brytyjczyków i ich oceny tej historycznej decyzji. Reasumując, artykuł bardzo przejrzysty, bogaty leksykalnie i wciągający. 

I ostatnie słowo... jeśli naprawdę poszukujesz pisma, które pozwoli Ci w przyspieszonym tempie poznać mnóstwo absolutnie odjazdowych słówek, zwrotów i wyrażeń, a przy tym dowiedzieć się wielu interesujących rzeczy zgrabnie dobranych do poszczególnych sekcji magazynu, to Business English jest bez wątpienia tym przyjacielem, którego teraz potrzebujesz. Kończę, ponieważ zostało mi jeszcze kilka artykułów, a nie mogę się oprzeć, żeby ich nie skonsumować!


Friday, May 19, 2017

Episode 15 - slap-dash

Ma Cafe was busy as usual. Antonio came to the spot a quarter earlier than planned to find a good table for two in a quieter part of the cafe. As he was sitting there drinking a cup of strong Arabic coffee, a woman in her early thirties came to his table and asked if she could join him. It was Clem. She introduced herself as Fatima's friend and started to tell her story. She became Fatima's friend through Mehdi, whose girl she had been until Mehdi hobnobbed with a local gang. Mehdi's life changed dramatically and so did his demeanor. No longer was he a loving son and brother. Instead, he turned into a ruthless monster addicted to gambling, women, and easy money. He would do anything not to lose a penny and everything to make himself richer. When Antonio was taken that night to the abandoned building, Clem was with Mehdi. At that time she had long disapproved of her boyfriend's connections and what eventually became of him. The performance he gave in front of Antonio was the last drop that overflew Clem's cup of bitterness and disappointment. Antonio was kidnapped to make sure Mehdi won some bet but the bet, as Clem was explaining, was just a good reason for Mehdi to take pleasure from tormenting Antonio. Then she told Antonio what would have happened if she hadn't acted in his defence as Mehdi was becoming more and more aggressive in his pursuit of fulfilling the bet. At one point he was ready to abuse his power in more sophisticated ways and even kill Antonio. But for Clem's decision to stand up for Antonio, he wouldn't have made it through the ordeal that Mehdi had devised in his sick head. Once Clem brought Antonio back to the hotel, she made up her mind to break up with Mehdi. That decision made Mehdi even more furious and incalculable, which was the reason why Clem wanted to warn Antonio about her ex-boyfriend determination to take revenge on Antonio. Clem herself had to hide as she knew Mehdi would try to punish her for what he believed was Antonio's fault. That was her story she wanted to share with Antonio, who was listening to her every word with utmost concentration. Antonio thanked Clem for saving his life, the piece of paper with her phone number and the meeting. It was a slap-dash meeting but it resulted in Antonio's promise to be at Clem's disposal as he owed her one.  

  • hobnob - zadawać się
  • demeanor - zachowanie
  • ruthless - bezlitosny
  • cup of bitterness - czara goryczy
  • torment - dręczyć
  • stand up for - stanąć w obronie
  • ordeal - gehenna
  • incalculable - nieobliczalny
  • slap-dash - szybki, na łapu capu
  • owe sb one - być zobowiązanym do odwzajemnienia się
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jak dalej potoczą się losy Antonio?
  • Czy Mehdi będzie szukał zemsty?
  • Czy Fatima odwzajemni uczucie Antonio?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Episode 14 - token

On that piece of paper was Fatima's best friend's phone number. She didn't say a word about it though and left Antonio's room. Antonio let her leave him alone he had a million questions to ask and yet he was not able to word even one. He was so confused about his whole stay in Agadir. Fatima won his heart and he was not able to hurt her despite he had all reasons to deal with Mehdi like a man. But why was the number in Antonio's pocket? Who put it in there and why? Antonio decided to call the number not knowing what would eventually come out of this. He just thought that the number wasn't in his pocket for no reason. He dialled the number and waited for the other person to answer the phone. After the second beep a female voice asked "Hello. Clem speaking. I have been waiting for your call." Antonio was stunned again. He asked Clem to explain the whole situation to him. She said they had to meet somewhere to discuss things. She also added that her phone number on that piece of paper in Antonio's pocket was her love-token. Now Antonio was totally perplexed. They agreed to meet at Ma Cafe at 2 pm the next day.

  • win sb's heart - ująć kogoś za serce
  • like a man - po męsku
  • stunned - wstrząśnięty, ogłuszony
  • love-token - dowód miłości
  • perplexed - zmieszany, zakłopotany 
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co wyniknie ze spotkania Antonio z Clem?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Episode 13 - dip

Then he held Fatima's hand and asked her to see her brother Mehdi to talk about the whole thing. Fatima said it was not possible because she had promised her brother not to give Antonio any information about her brother's whereabouts. Antonio dipped his hand in his pocket and took out a piece of paper with a phone number. "Somebody put it into my pocket that night", he said. "Do you know whose number it may be?", he asked. Fatima, as if struck by lightning, stood up and headed for the door.

  • whereabouts - miejsce pobytu
  • dip - zanurzyć
  • struck by lightning - uderzony piorunem
  • head for - skierować się do
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czyj numer telefonu zobaczyła Fatima?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 12 - stray

When he came round, Fatima was sitting next to him. She told him that Mehdi was her brother and he had entangled himself in that bet when he was not very sober, to put it mildly. Fatima felt sorry for her brother so she decided to help him by letting her brother know of any single foreign tourist who could be a good candidate to perform the task. Since Antonio was the only such person to have checked in at the hotel that day, Fatima had no choice but point at him to save her brother from losing the money. The whole story came as a shock to Antonio, however, his thoughts strayed far from what happened that night as he couldn't focus on anything but Fatima. Then he...

  • come round - odzyskać przytomność
  • entangle in - wplątać się w
  • sober - trzeźwy
  • stray - odbiegać
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co zrobi Antonio?

Monday, May 15, 2017

Episode 11 - gnaw

He was woken up by a knock on the hotel room door. This time he managed to stand up and went swaying to the door to see who that was. To his surprise he saw a dazzling young woman who brought him breakfast. Antonio let the woman in and asked her whether she knew anything of how he found himself back in his hotel room. The lady introduced herself as Fatima and asked whether she could sit down to tell Antonio what had happened. Antonio sat on the bed and submerged himself in listening to a person he knew, he wouldn't leave Morocco without for he felt it was love at first sight. At that time, however, he was speechless and overwhelmed by the charm of his guest. As he was listening to her story, he was gradually becoming aware of what happened that night in the abandoned building. It turned out that Antonio was an object of a bet between Mehdi and the woman he thought he saw in the ballroom that night. He had to be delivered to the abandoned house, where he was to be scared. The bet was as high as $ 10 000 so Mehdi risked a lot not to lose such an amount of money. He even resorted to kidnapping a tourist. Then Antonio asked Fatima why she had come to him to tell all that. Fatima answered she had been gnawed by guilt of not warning Antonio as she had known about this plan before. She told him that after the quirky show Mehdi sedated him and took him back to the hotel, where Fatima took care of Antonio afterwards. Having heard all this, Antonio passed out...

  • sway - chwiać się
  • dazzling - olśniewający
  • submerge in - zanurzyć się
  • love at first sight - miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia
  • speechless - oniemiały
  • overwhelmed - oszołomiony
  • charm - czar
  • turn out - okazać się
  • resort to - uciec się do
  • gnaw - dręczyć
  • guilt - wina
  • sedate - podać środek uspokajający
  • pass out - stracić przytomność
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czy Antonio będzie chciał zemsty?

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania crime

Take this 7-question survey on crime related issues and tell everybody whether you agree or disagree with these statements!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Episode 10 - damp

It was seven in the morning the next day when Antonio woke up in a damp shirt in his hotel room. He didn't remember anything of what had happened before. Neither did he know of how he was back in his room again. His head was throbbing with pain and his whole body was painted black and yellow. He tried to get up but his legs refused to obey him. He fell down by the bed trying to make sense of whatever happened to him. Then he fell asleep again...

  • damp - wilgotny
  • throbbing - pulsujący
  • refuse - odmówić
  • obey - być posłusznym
  • fall asleep - zasnąć
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jak Antonio znalazł się w hotelu?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Episode 9 - clip

So there was Antonio... tied to a chair with his wings clipped. He wanted to make out a few silhouettes he noticed at the door but the thick smoke of incense combined with now even louder performance of Mehdi made it hard to see or hear anything. Antonio had a feeling there were a few women who came by that plane. "But why? What are they going to do with me?", he asked himself. Suddenly, the dancer stopped and approached Antonio and said that it was the right time for him to experience something he had never experienced in his life.

  • clipped wings - podcięte skrzydła, ograniczona wolność
  • make out - dojrzeć
  • incense - kadzidło
  • approach - podejść
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co miał na myśli Mahdi?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Episode 8 - propeller

Antonio's attempt was futile as there were two other sturdy guys blocking the door. Antonio, despite being strong and tall, realized immediately that fighting would make no sense at all. He was dragged back onto his chair while Mehdi was performing some strange dance around the table. Antonio was trying to start talking to Mehdi anew, but to no avail. Antonio was now being tied to the chair to prevent him from similar ideas of escape. The 'door' guys started burning incense and soon the room was full of smoke. Mehdi added some incomprehensible sounds to the dance and seemed to have been in some trance state. Antonio was trying to free himself but the rope was holding him tight. The situation was becoming really dramatic and Antonio was now thinking up some plan of reasonable action. Nothing came to his mind, though. As he was sitting there, Mehdi performing his ritual dance... Antonio heard some propeller airplane landing near the house. He thought to himself, "Am I in for some bigger party here? I really need to get myself out of it before Mehdi makes use of that machete."

  • attempt - próba
  • futile - daremny
  • sturdy - krzepki
  • drag back - zawleczony z powrotem
  • anew - ponownie
  • to no avail - bez rezultatu
  • incense - kadzidło
  • incomprehensible - niezrozumiały
  • propeller airplane - samolot śmigłowy
W następnym odcinku...
  • Kto przyleciał samolotem śmigłowym?
  • Jak potoczą się losy Antonio?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 7 - stark

Antonio was very confused, to say the least. Mehdi didn't respond to any question whatsoever. When they got into the room, Antonio was forced to sit down at a small table in the corner. It was around half past two at night; and that was a dark night indeed. Mehdi lit a candle on the table and the three men kept shaking the thunder sheets even louder. The sound of it slowly began to make Antonio mad. When the room was better lit, Antonio noticed that the ball room had been prepared and ready for some sort of ritual. He came to Morocco on holidays, to find a woman he would fall in love with and then, there he was sitting on a chair in a weird room with some guys whose intentions were unclear. Antonio realized he was in a trap. Mehdi must have had it all arranged and Antonio, being a naive tourist, fell for it so easily. Mehdi disappeared for a few minutes and turned up again wearing a long Moroccan patterned robe. He was brandishing a machete. The stark reality was that Antonio was in trouble. Seeing that he jumped off his chair and decided to run away.

  • confused - zakłopotany
  • respond - reagować
  • ritual - rytuał
  • trap - pułapka
  • naive- naiwny
  • fall for sth - dać się nabrać
  • turn up - pojawić się
  • robe - szata
  • brandish - wymachiwać
  • stark - nagi
W następnym odcinku...
  • Czy Antonio zdoła uciec?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Episode 6 - twitch

Antonio was getting scared. The whole situation was kind of spooky. The drinks had already evaporated from his head and he felt sober again. He smelled a rat there. And... he was right. Mehdi remained silent as they were getting inside the house accompanied by the sound made with those disconcerting thunder sheets. Antonio noticed a twitch at the corner of his Moroccan 'friend''s eye, which made him think of what a stupid thing he had done agreeing to go with Mehdi. When they got into the house, he couldn't believe his eyes... They entered a huge ball room with thunder sheets hanging all around it. The sheets were being shaken by three other men.

  • spooky - straszny
  • evaporate - wyparować
  • sober - trzeźwy
  • smell a rat - wyczuć podstęp
  • disconcerting - niepokojący
  • ball room - sala balowa
  • twitch - tik
W następnym odcinku...
  • Co wydarzyło się na sali balowej?

Friday, May 5, 2017

Episode 5 - thunder sheet

They were driving for an hour talking and laughing. Mehdi's behavior was, however, somehow different than in the bar. Antonio couldn't name the thing and tried to just ignore any disturbing message that popped up in his head. At some point, Antonio realized that they were not going around Agadir but rather away from the city. He asked the driver where they were going as he thought Mehdi wanted to show him the city by night and drive him back to his hotel. But it wasn't so. Antonio started asking Mehdi where they were going. Since Mehdi was giving evasive answers, Antonio demanded that Mehdi drive him back to the hotel. Mehdi ignored that request too and told Antonio to be patient as he had a surprise for him when they got to the destination. After an hour-drive, Mehdi parked the car in front of an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere. When they got out of the car, Antonio heard something like a thunder sheet from inside the house. "What is going on here?", he asked himself...

  • ignore - zignorować
  • disturbing - niepokojący
  • pop up - wyskakiwać
  • evasive - wymijający
  • destination - cel podróży
  • abandoned - opuszczony
  • thunder sheet - arkusz blachy do robienia grzmotów w teatrze 
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jaką niespodziankę przygotował Mehdi?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Episode 4 - in a flap

Mehdi asked Antonio if he would like to go for a ride around Agadir. He said that they had spent very nice time talking and he wanted to make friends with Antonio. Antonio was an extrovert so he had no problems socializing with people, and Mehdi's invitation sounded much better than going back to the hotel and locking oneself up in a room. Antonio wasn't tired as he had his nap before so he jumped at the idea. They got into Mahdi's Mercedes-Benz E-Class and left Agadir. They carried on their conversation in the car but Antonio noticed that Mehdi was in a flap. He couldn't understand why, though. Was it because of the new friendship they made or was it something else...

  • go for a ride - jechać na przejażdżkę
  • make friends - zaprzyjaźnić się
  • lock up - zamknąć się
  • sound - brzmieć
  • nap - drzemka
  • jump at - ucieszyć się
  • carry on - kontynuować
  • be in a flap - być zdenerwowanym 
W następnym odcinku...
  • Jak wyglądała przejażdżka z Mahdi?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Episode 3 - a sturdy fellow

Mehdi was a local businessman. His was the bar Antonio was relaxing in and his was the slit-drums band. Mehdi was a sturdy kind of fellow but his face was that of an angel. He was gentle and kind and since he noticed Antonio was a foreign tourist, he decided to introduce himself. Antonio was offered another drink and there they were engaged in a lively discussion about Antonio's country of origin (which was Mexico) and Mehdi's life. They spent time drinking and talking until something weird happened...

  • sturdy - krzepki
  • fellow - facet
  • gentle - delikatny
  • engaged - zaangażowany
  • lively -żywy
  • country of origin - kraj pochodzenia
  • weird - dziwny

W następnym odcinku...
  • Co wydarzyło się potem?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 2 - slit drums

You have to know that Antonio was a very handsome guy. He was paralyzingly attractive and he could have any woman he wanted but there was one thing... he had always been dreaming about a woman who would be different from any other woman had ever met. So there he was... lying on the beach in Agadir. Tired as he was, he fell asleep almost instantly being tickled by a delicate breeze. An hour or so passed when he woke up again hearing some music in the distance. Since Antonio was an artistic soul, he couldn't resist the temptation of going there. And so he followed the sounds... After a 15-minute-walk, he found himself sipping some exotic drink sitting in a nice beach bar listening to a live band's performance. The musicians were playing slit drums, the instrument that Antonio learnt to play when he was a teenager and spent time in Tanzania. Suddenly, some bloke came to his table and asked if he could join him. Antonio agreed although he didn't really feel like talking to anybody. The guy's name was Mehdi.


  • paralyzingly - paraliżująco
  • instantly - natychmiast
  • tickle - łechtać
  • artistic soul - dusza artystyczna
  • resist - oprzeć się
  • temptation - pokusa
  • sip - popijać
  • slit drums - tam-tamy
  • bloke - facet

W następnym odcinku...

  • Kim jest Mehdi?
  • Co wyniknie z tej znajomości?

Monday, May 1, 2017

Episode 1 - strip

It's a story that took place a few years ago when Antonio was on holidays in Morocco. He went there alone to find the love of his life. He touched down in Agadir at about 6 in the evening and took a taxi to his hotel. It was so hot there that the first thing he did was strip off his shirt and go to the beach.


  • take place - mieć miejsce
  • alone - sam
  • touch down - wylądować
  • strip (off) - zdjąć

W następnym odcinku...

  • Kogo pozna Antonio?
  • Czy pozna kogoś wyjątkowego?


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