Thursday, May 19, 2016

What gets on your nerves?

We're all human beings... and we are not perfect. There are many things and... people that irritate and annoy us. If something or somebody annoys you, you can use a very nice expression:

For example, my son's parrots often get on my nerves. These are two little creatures (Konstancja and Edek) which are awful in many respects so they really get on my nerves, especially when I am hard asleep at 5 in the morning and they start their concert. It wouldn't be a problem if those cockatiels could sing but the sounds they produce are far from what we call singing. I hate them when they get scared at some moment at night because they think they'd seen something. All of a sudden you are on your feet because these birds start fluttering their wings in panic. You are woken up, you have to get up and switch the light on. I could give you many more examples of their misbehavior that get on my nerves but it would take up too much space here ;)

What are the things that get on your nerves?

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