Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What's the difference between aluminium and gold?

Here's a short text taken from Cambridge English for Engineering... I have removed a few adjectives from the text so that you could have some fun trying to figure out which words should be used in which sentences.

Now, face the challenge:

Steel is relatively ___ and very ___. It is pretty ___ and ___. Mild steel is not very ___ but stainless steel has good ___ and is therefore suitable for watches. Glass is quite ___ and is ___ and ___. Ordinary glass is very ___ and has fairly poor ___ and ___, although it is still suitable for watches. Toughened glass is more ___. Aluminium is relatively ___ and is fairly ___. It has good ___. It is therefore suitable for watches. Titanium is exceptionally ___ and ___ and has excellent ___. It is also extremely ___ and is therefore an excellent watch material. Gold is extremely ___ and pretty ___, although softer grades of gold have quite poor ___ and ___. Gold has excellent ___. It is suitable for more expensive, decorative watches.

  • abrasion resistance (odporność na ścieranie)
  • brittle (kruchy)
  • corrosion resistance (x 3) (odporność na korozję)
  • corrosion-resistant (x 3) (odporny na korozję)
  • durable (wytrzymały)
  • heavy (x 3) (ciężki)
  • lightweight (x 2) (lekki)
  • scratch resistance (x 2) (odporność na zadrapania)
  • scratch-resistant (odporny na zadrapania)
  • shock resistance (x 2) (odporność na wstrząsy)
  • shock-resistant (odporny na wstrząsy)
  • tough (x 4) (twardy)
  • water-resistant (wodoodporny)

Looking forward to your answers!

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