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Ustny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego - Zadanie 3

Hello! Dzisiaj zapraszam na drugi przykład Zadania 3 (Zestaw 2) pochądzącego z publikacji wydanej przez © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate

Zadanie 3, jak pamiętacie, polega na tym, żeby przeanalizować trzy obrazeczki pod kątem zadanego polecenia. Polecenie to wymaga od Ciebie dokonania wyboru najlepszego wg Ciebie obrazka wraz z podaniem uzasadnienia. Jednocześnie musisz uzasadnić dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe dwa obrazki. W sumie prowadzisz coś w rodzaju monologu, a na koniec tego zadania egzaminator zadaje Ci dwa pytanka ze swojego super tajnego zestawu pytań, gdzie zazwyczaj ma podane cztery pytanka.

Zdający: The choice of the picture is quite easy for me. I will definitely choose the picture with the bike. I guess that we destroy our planet by using cars, planes and other means of transport that pollute the air and result in ozone layer depletion. If we all started using eco-friendly means of transport such as bikes or solar energy powered cars, we would significantly contribute to prolonging our planet's life. In my opinion the first picture would be the best for the article in question. I wouldn't choose the other two pictures because they are not as convincing as mine. Saving energy is important but would it help the planet more than using green means of transport? I don't think so. Besides, we have to use energy while we don't have to use cars all of us. Finally, sorting rubbish out is a good idea but again, to what extent is does it help protect our environment? I guess the point is not to produce so much waste or to change our way of thinking as far as waste production is concerned. Sorting litter is just making it easier to handle rubbish, not reducing rubbish production at all.

Egzaminujący: Would it be easy to convince your family members to take up any of the habits (which ones)?
Zdający: Yes, I think my family wouldn't mind changing this or that habit to help protect the environment. It's not a big deal to learn to sort rubbish or to switch off the light when you don't need it. These are simple things to do so I don't think it would be a problem at all.
Egzaminujący: Tell me about the environmental campaigns you have taken part in or heard of.
Zdający: I think the most popular campaign that I have ever taken part in is the so called "Sprzątanie Świata" that is "Cleaning Up the World". This is the all-Poland campaign in which school pupils leave their school buildings and try to clean the area around their schools. I take part in this campaign annually.
Egzaminujący: What are the advantages of using public transport?
Zdający: There are some advantages of using public transport. One of the most important advantages for me is that you can get anywhere faster and the second most important is that you can get somewhere cheaper. If you decide to go by car, you have to wait in traffic jams, you get stressed and at the end you are late. And therefore it's better to take a local bus or a tram.
Egzaminujący: Some people say that we will destroy our civilization by not taking care of our planet. Do you agree with such an opinion? Why? Why not?
Zdający:Yes, I agree with this. People around the world, countries around the world are constantly exploiting our planet to make more money on its resources not taking care of what will happen in the future. I'd say that little is done to improve the planet's situation in comparison with how much damage is done to the environment. So I say again, I do agree with this statement and unless this is not changed soon, we will not wake up one day because of famine, polluted air, contaminated waters.

Pamiętaj! Za tydzień trzeci już przykład Zadania 3!

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