Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ustny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego - Zadanie 2

Dzisiaj zapraszam na kolejne Zadanie 2 (Zestaw 2) pochądzące z publikacji wydanej przez © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate

Pamiętacie nasz super ekstra fajny pięcio-etapowy schemat? Oto on:
1. Who - czyli kogo widzę? 
2. What - czyli co się dzieje na obrazku?
3. Where - czyli gdzie zostało zrobione miejsce? gdzie dzieją się rzeczy na zdjęciu?
4. Why - czyli dlaczego ludzie robią to co robią w tym miejscu, a nie w innym?
5. How - czyli jak się ludzie na tym zdjęciu czują? dlaczego się tak czują?

I żaden obrazek nie będzie Ci straszny!

Zdający: I see two women in the picture. They're both relatively young, perhaps in their twenties or even younger. They're in a nice office somewhere. There are two big brown desks with black monitors on them. There are two big windows with verticals in them. The room looks spacious with plenty of daylight coming in through the windows. There are also two high desk lamps and some piles of documents lying on the desks. One of the women is sitting at the desk on the right whereas the other one is standing at the other desk. The woman on the right has a rather inquiring face expression as if she saw something shocking in the document she's holding in her hands. I think she's trying to show the paper to the other lady. The other woman seems to be passing some other document to her colleague. This lady, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be shocked or surprised and looks as if she already knew the answer to the first lady's problem. I think they might be trying to solve some issue. Perhaps there is some problem with undelivered goods and the first lady has just received a client's letter of complaint while the other lady is about to show her the acknowledgment of receipt. To my mind, both women feel a bit stressed as they have to sort his problem out.  

Egzaminujący: What is the relationship between the two women?
Zdający: My opinion is that these two women are just two colleagues working in the same office. They work together for some company and have to handle lots of client related issues.
Egzaminujący: Would you make a good boss? Why? Why not?
Zdający: Yes, I believe I could make a good boss. On a few occasions I've been told that I have all what it takes to be a good team leader. I am resilient, charismatic, well-organized and well-disciplined. Being a boss shouldn't be a challenge for me.
Egzaminujący: Tell me about a situation when someone criticized you or somebody you know.
Zdający: I remember that when I was working in the UK in a restaurant for a Turkish boss he once criticized me for not knowing various fish names in English. I spent there my holidays and I had to learn all sorts of funny dish names to serve his restaurant guests. The menu wasn't so easy so every now and then I got confused by people's orders because it was hard for me to memorize all the new words.

Uwaga! 8 stycznia, czyli w ten piątek :) - kolejne Zadanie 3! Nie przegap!

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