Monday, January 11, 2016

Ustny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego - Zadanie 1

Zapraszam na kolejne Zadanie 1 (Zestaw 3) pochądzące z publikacji wydanej przez © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate.

Zdający: You know what? I'd like us to organize some holiday trip to Spain. What do you think of it?
Egzaminujący: That sounds awesome! Tell me more about it!
Zdający: We could ask our other friends to join us and we would go hitchhiking to Spain.
Egzaminujący: To be honest, I don't think hitchhiking is a good idea. It's dangerous these days, don't you think? I'd like it to be safer than this.
Zdający: OK, I see your point. I am not saying this is the only option of traveling there. We might get ourselves some car. I know Marek has a good car and the other day he event started talking to me about his dream to test his car.
Egzaminujący: Have you ever been to Spain yourself?
Zdający: Nope, never. That's why I'd like to go there. I've been to France, to the UK, to other EU countries but never to Spain. I consider it an attractive destination. Don't you?
Egzaminujący: Well, yes. Don't you think your parents may go against this idea? Spain is quite a distance from here. Also, we have never traveled abroad on our own.
Zdający: True, but we're already of age. I think it's just the matter of how well we prepare our trip so that it's safe and attractive.
Egzaminujący: Alright, speaking of how attractive this trip will be... What attractions are you going to include? As you know, some of our mates, say Angelika, might never agree if you don't tell her of something really tempting.
Zdający: Yeah, Angelika could be a problem. I think that being together is already very attractive. But I know what you mean... We'll travel along the Spanish coast stopping here and there, exploring nearby towns, cities and beaches of course! 
Egzaminujący: Cool. I am in. I will ask Hania and Robert what they think of this. It looks like we're going to have a very interesting time together this summer!

Uwaga! Ostatnie Zadanie 1 już w następny poniedziałek! Nie przegap!

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