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Ustny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego - Zadanie 3

Hello! A dzisiaj, z Nowym Rokiem 2016  zapraszam na Zadanie 3 (Zestaw 1) pochądzące z publikacji wydanej przez © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate

Zadanie 3, jak pamiętacie, polega na tym, żeby przeanalizować trzy obrazeczki pod kątem zadanego polecenia. Polecenie to wymaga od Ciebie dokonania wyboru najlepszego wg Ciebie obrazka wraz z podaniem uzasadnienia. Jednocześnie musisz uzasadnić dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe dwa obrazki. W sumie prowadzisz coś w rodzaju monologu, a na koniec tego zadania egzaminator zadaje Ci dwa pytanka ze swojego super tajnego zestawu pytań, gdzie zazwyczaj ma podane cztery pytanka.

Zdający: I have three options of communicating with my parents while I'm in the UK. In the first picture the suggestion is that I use some on-line communicator such as Skype or Google Hangout; in the second we have traditional letter writing and in the third one there's a mobile phone I could use to call my parents, send text messages or even multimedia messages. Having considered all three options, I would definitely go for the online communicator provided I have access to the Internet in the UK, but I consider it standard in such a developed country. Why would I go for this option? Well, first of all, I'd choose it because this way of keeping in touch with anybody guarantees that I can see, hear and even write with other people. This means my contact with my parents would be 'the fullest' if I can use such a description. In the other two cases communication wouldn't be as effective as in the first case. Let's look at traditional letters. They are time-consuming when it comes to writing them; they're slow to be delivered via snail mail and they are definitely not interactive. It's just like producing a short story on your part first and then the other person, after some time, gets your story and has to read it if they want to respond to it later on asking further questions and sharing their story. This way seems to be very tiring for me. The mobile phone is similar to online communication but my reason for rejecting it is that it's rather costly from abroad and you have to monitor the time you spend hanging on the phone if you want to avoid paying high bills. Moreover, you can't see the other person so you don't get the whole picture of what your interlocutor looks like, how they feel... Lots of this information can be received by just looking at another person, which makes the whole conversation more difficult. Besides, using the mobile phone is good for short fact-oriented conversations and not for telling your stories and experiences of living in a foreign country.

Egzaminujący: What are the advantages of having a mobile phone?
Zdający: There are plenty of advantages. First of all you are able to contact anybody from almost any place. This is particularly useful when you are in trouble and there are no other people around you. You basically feel much safer when you know you can call for help. You can always check your email or browse the Internet. Almost any single mobile gives you the option of taking photos, texting others and playing your favorite games. There are so many other functionalities that it's hard to mention all here.
Egzaminujący: In your opinion, will the art of writing disappear due to people using email and text messages? Why? Why not?
Zdający: I'm afraid so. We're living in a fast changing world where things are written, sent, received almost instantly. The art of writing is neither practical, effective nor efficient. We prefer other ways of communicating with others, of which I have already talked a lot.
Egzaminujący: What is important for you when buying a mobile phone?
Zdający: There is quite a long list of things that I always consider before getting myself a new mobile. Some of the most important things include the manufacturer, the size of the touchscreen, the operation system, the size of memory and the quality of the phone's camera.
Egzaminujący: Do you agree with the opinion that public phone boxes are no longer necessary because everybody has got a mobile phone these days? Why? Why not?
Zdający:Well, it's hard to contradict this statement. I do agree that the era of phone boxes is already gone. Today everybody has a mobile phone. Of course some of the phones owned by people are better some are not but all people can surely use their phone to make phone calls which is what phone boxes used to be used for. In this sense there's no point maintaining public phone boxes any more.
Wszystkiego najlepszego w rozpoczynającym się dzisiaj Nowym Roku 2016! Powodzenia na wszelkich egzaminach, a szczególnie na maturze z języka angielskiego, dużo miłości, szczęścia i pięknego życia!

A za tydzień w piątek kolejny przykład Zadania 3. Nie przegap!


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