Monday, January 4, 2016

Ustny egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego - Zadanie 1

Także dzisiaj zapraszam na Zadanie 1 (Zestaw 2) pochądzące z publikacji wydanej przez © Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Intermediate.

Zdający: You know what? My parents have allowed me to buy some pet. I am just wondering what kind of animal I should get myself. Do you think you could help me make my choice?
Egzaminujący: Absolutely! I have a dog myself. Don't you want a dog?
Zdający: No, I am not very fond of dogs. I got bitten once and I'd like to have some other animal.I guess I'd love to have parrots... say the cockatiel (papuga nimfa).
Egzaminujący: Oh, I have not heard of this species. What do they look like? I've heard only of Aras.
Zdający: The cockatiel is known for its distinctive erectile crest that shows you how your parrot feels.
Egzaminujący: I don't think the parrot is a good idea. Why do you want a parrot?
Zdający: These are intelligent birds. I don't want any bog animal. I'd just like some little creature that would sit on my shoulder while I'm doing my homework. I wouldn't like to waste too much time taking it for walks either. I'd just like to give it food and water and fly around my room. That's it. I don't want a pet that would require a lot of hassle.
Egzaminujący: I'm surprised that parrots don't need anything else. Are you sure you wouldn't have to do anything extra?
Zdający: Well, my care would also include everyday contact with the parrot, stroking it, having a little conversation with it, perhaps I would even spend time teaching it some simple trick or a word or two...
Egzaminujący: What about the time you go on holidays? Who will look after your parrots then?
Zdający: This, indeed, is a little problem. But I think that since having a parrot is not so demanding, my parents wouldn't mind feeding it as this is the only thing they'd have to do in fact. That;s not much. They shouldn't grumble about it.
Egzaminujący: OK. Do you think your parents will like your idea of having a parrot as a pet? What do you think their reaction to this will be when you tell them?
Zdający: Hmmm... As far as I know my parents, they are very likely to agree. I'll make them agree when they get to know how little I'll need to do to look after my new pet. I don't think this should be a problem for them. They like animals and we've already had a few pets so far. Besides, there's been almost a year break since we had our last hamster so I hope they'll actually jump at this idea!
Egzaminujący: Well, good luck then! Please, let me know when you have your feathered friend at home! Hope you'll introduce me!

Uwaga! Następne (już trzecie z kolei) Zadanie 1 już za tydzień! :)

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