Thursday, November 12, 2015

Do you often feel down in the mouth?

Hello! How are you today? Do you have a great job? Is your boss ideal? Is your family life fine? Do you live in a nice house in a good place? Are you inherently happy?
You may think I am just stupid asking these questions as we all know that you can't have everything in life and nobody and nothing is always perfect! At times, however, you experience more disappointments than normally, and then you might not feel as good as you would like to. What's more... you might feel like this...

This idiom means you feel discouraged and depressed. If you ever feel like this and don't have any idea how to cope with this feeling because whatever you do gives you only a temporary comfort, don't forget about the most reliable Source of life, i.e. our God, who brings you comfort whenever you feel down in the mouth, and says...

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