Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Do you know the answers?

  1. He never listens to what I’m saying. It’s like talking to a _______________.
    1. thick hedge
    2. brick wall
    3. wooden fence
  2. The hotel we’re staying in is OK, but nothing to _______________ about.
    1. send a letter home
    2. write home
    3. telephone home
  3. He hit the _______________ when I told him I’d scratched his car. He was so angry.
    1. wall
    2. floor
    3. roof
  4. I don’t know the people who live _______________ very well. They only moved in a month  or so ago.
    1. next door
    2. the next door
    3. at next door
  5. I feel so relaxed here. It really is _______________.
    1. a house from house
    2. a house from home
    3. a home from home
  6. He smokes like a _______________. He really should give up.
    1. fire
    2. chimney
    3. cooker
  7. Aaarrrgh! If I hear that awful song one more time! It’s driving me _______________!
    1. up the wall
    2. through the door
    3. over the roof
  8. We were hoping to go away for a few months, but I couldn’t get time off work, so our plans went out of the _______________.
    1. letterbox
    2. door
    3. window
  9. We’re really good friends. In fact, we got on like a _______________ from the moment we first met.
    1. burning house
    2. house on fire
    3. fire in the house
  10. I feel terrible this morning. We had a night on the _______________ last night.
    1. bricks
    2. slates
    3. tiles
 Source:  Macmillan Publishers Limited

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  1. 1b
    6dam b ale nie zdziwie się jak będzie a :P


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