Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wasza ulubiona kategoria pytań na maturze... Państwo i społeczeństwo :) Czego się spodziewać?

Pytań w tej kategorii można zadać bez liku! Dzisiaj przyjrzymy się trzem, które możesz usłyszeć podczas rozmowy wstępnej na ustnym egzaminie maturalnym z języka angielskiego. Oto one:
Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Upper Intermediate
Odpowiem teraz na każde znich na swój sposób. Może moje sugestie okażą się pomocne w Waszych przygotowaniach do egzaminu...

Pytanie pierwsze:

Of course! I know it would be hard, but this would be the best idea to learn English! Someone said that when you learn another language, you expand your horizons because learning things in another language enables you to look at things differently. Besides, it would be fun to hear how you talk about things we learn in Geography, Chemistry or Biology. Perhaps, more people would be ready to take IB.

Pytanie drugie:

I am not sure about it. I think they have the same opportunities as others. Why? I think there are many projects that are run on the national level to make sure that the disabled can enjoy everything to the same extent as fully-fit people. Local governments also spend money on preventing any isolation of the disabled by helping them to stand to challenges offered in a number of programs.

Pytanie trzecie:

Despite the fact that we can all observe a crisis in role models for teenagers these days, I still think there are quite a few people who could be considered role models for the young. Let's think of St John Paul II... isn't he a good example of the man who showed us how to live, how to defend moral values, how to fight for others? But it's not just him... there are many other people whose lifestyle could be considered exemplary.

Any comments?

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