Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When do you usually fold your arms? Do you do it at all?

Hello! A teraz z innej mańki... A few words to do with body...

I have never understood people who bite their nails (obgryzać paznokcie). I've got more understanding for those who bite skin around their nails though... :)

The other thing is how some people blush (czerwienić się). I've never had this problem. It's interesting what happens to your face that it changes color... Can anybody explain it? 

How do you usually sit? It's said that the way you sit may tell others quite a lot about what person you are. Do you known anything about it? Do you cross your legs (założyć nogę na nogę)? If you do, perhaps you're quite self confident... What do you think of this diagnosis? Do you agree with it?

Do you remember when you were kids? What did you do when you were being punished for something? Didn't you perhaps drop your head (spuścić głowę) as a sign of repentance (skrucha)?

And finally... what does it mean when you fold your arms (skrzyżować ramiona)? Does it mean that you are not interested in what the other person is telling you? Does folding your arms have any other meaning?

Practice your English! Refer back to any of the above issues! Let's talk!


  1. I used to bite my nails a lot in my childhood. I think it was due to my getting nervous almost about everything. Now it has changed luckily. I don't bite my nails anymore. When it comes to folding one's arms, In my opinnion people sometimes do it when they're not sure about what they are saying, and they don't feel confident.

    1. I see... So what/who helped you grow out of this habit?


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