Friday, September 11, 2015

Przykładowe pytania i odpowiedzi do tzw. 'rozmowy wstępnej'...

Dzisiaj przykładowe pytania, które moższesz usłyszeć na rozmowie wstępnej...  

  1. What are the disadvantages of a package holiday?
  2. What was the best holiday you’ve ever had? Why?
  3. Where would most like to go on a trip and why?
  4. Which is more important for you when you go on holiday: the place or the company? Why?

I moje przykładowe odpowiedzi...
  1. The disadvantage of a package holiday is that everything is organized for you. You have no freedom at all! You always feel like a slave of a travel agency who had already planned your holiday time to every hour, which is – as far as I’m concerned – a disaster!
  2. My best holidays I spent in Bosnia and Hercegovina last year when I had wonderful time together with my best friends and family. We enjoyed our activities each day and the weather!
  3. I’d love to go to Croatia this year for I love its beaches, its climate and the lifestyle it offers there. The weather is guaranteed there and you can really rest.
  4. Definitely the place! After all it the place that makes your holidays exciting or not! I love visiting new places and meeting new faces J I can find great people everywhere but each place is unique.
A jak Ty byś odpowiedział/a na te pytania?

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