Monday, September 7, 2015

Is there anybody who you accuse of cowardice?

Hello on Monday! How are you? Is life good for you? Today, I have a few nice words for you...

ADHESIVE                  przylegający, lepki, przyczepny

My examples:

  • I often use self-adhesive tape (taśma samoprzylepna) at work.
  • Do you ever use adhesive paper? I do!

ARMISTICE                rozejm, zawieszenie broni

My examples:
  • Do you believe in any armistice between Ukraine and Russia?
  • Is there any armistice between Israel and Palestine?

JEOPARDIZE             narażać na niebezpieczeństwo

My examples:
  • My experience tells me that whenever I am honest, I jeopardize my career. But I want to be honest! :)
  • Have you done anything that jeopardized your relations lately? 

ADJOURN                            odroczyć, odłożyć

My examples:
  • How do you feel when a meeting you'd been waiting for is adjourned?
  • Are you the type of person who loves adjourning meetings?

COWARDICE             tchórzostwo

My examples:
  • Is there anybody who you accuse of cowardice? Why?
  • Have you ever been ashamed of your cowardice? When?

MEANDER                           meandrować, zakręcać, wić się, włóczyć się

My examples:
  • Do you like meandering around your town just to spend time with your thoughts?
  • Would you like to meander through woodland now?

Can you answer any of my questions? Let's talk! Practise your English! :)

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