Friday, August 7, 2015

Have you ever owned a budgie?

Pełna nazwa to właściwie...


Czyli zwyczajnie papużka falista po polsku :) Częściej zwana jednak 'budgie'...

My wife used to have some budgies. I think her grandpa had found them somewhere flying around and she decided to keep them at home them. I remember those crazy birds destroying walls in her room and being very loud.

Now... my son has parrots... They are not budgies though... They're called cockatiels (nimfy)... I guess they are much nicer than budgies although they sound as terrible as all other parrots, I'm afraid... Below is the picture of the two weiros (they're also called this). The grey one is a girl called Konstasia and the yellow one is a boy called Edward... :)

Ih has to be said that it's Konstasia who calls the shots in her house and Edward is a henpecked husband, if I can use this expression here...

They're fun to have although they can't sing at all, they can't speak, they wake us up at 5 in the morning, they squawk all the time, they are very picky about food and therefore expensive to maintain... But since they've been with us for some time, they're loved and cherished and accepted... even by myself... :)

My questions to you:
Do you have pets? Have you ever had parrots at home? Would you like to have a budgie or a cockatiel? Why?

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