Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do you think social life has moved to the Internet?

There is a discussion in the press on how social life has moved to the Internet. I would like to voice my opinion on this issue, which seems quite important these days. I would like to be allowed to take part in the debate by sharing good and bad points that I notice here.

First, I would like to focus on the good sides of this phenomenon. Having social life online is for many reasons attractive. Not only can you make more friends than in real life, but you can also increase the number of friends in a short time. What is more, the Internet give you the opportunity of creating your social network with people you want. There are many various portals or just websites which you can visit because they match your interests. A friend of mine once said that if he was to choose between online and real-life friend making, he would definitely choose the Internet option.

On the other hand, when it comes to some of the drawbacks I have thought about, it must be said that even if you try to keep your relations only by means of the Internet, you are very likely to find out soon that online relations will not give you what you really need. And what do all people need? Well, we all need to co-exist in real life with others to build some genuine relationship. Online relations are simply not enough for sooner or later you will need to see that person, touch that person, look into that person’s eye.

To recapitulate, I wish to say that whereas having relations with other online is quite an attractive way of social life it will result in very superficial and rather fragile relations if it is to be kept only via the Internet. My strong belief is that people need to be together in a range of life situations if relations are to last.  

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