Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What do you think of people wearing baggy trousers?

My person opinion is that baggy trousers (workowate spodnie) look scruffy but I don't mind others wearing them. I understand there are various fashions and each person has their own one so I it's none of my business whether someone is wearing baggy trousers or no trousers at all :) Anyhow, baggy does not necessarily evoke positive feelings in me :)

What about rosy cheeks (rumiane policzki)? Do you know anybody whose cheeks are naturally rosy? Do you think rosy cheeks are a sign of good health?

What about patterns (wzory) on the clothes you wear? Do you like dots, flowers or just plain clothes? I think I do like plain clothes, i.e. without any patterns. But just think of Cejrowski and his Hawaii pattern shirts... Do you like such patterns?

Now a nice topic... spotty faces (pryszczate twarze)... It's often an issue for teenagers. I remember that when I was a teenager, my spotty face wasn't that spotty... Instead, I had spotty back, which was a problem for me, especially when I had to go to a swimming pool each week. I remember my embarrassment each time I had to take off my shirt :) But time passed and I grew out of my spottiness :)

Another word is thin (chudy). By the way... can you tell the difference between being thin and slim? When are you slim and when do you start getting thin? They say that you are thin when you start looking ugly, whereas when you are slim, you are still attractive. But is it easy to spot the border between the two?

What is your favorite material (materiał) when it comes to clothes? Do you like silk, cotton or chiffon perhaps? As far as I'm concerned, I do like cotton and denim. What about you?

And finally... upturned noses (zadarte nosy)... Do you have an upturned nose? Do you like your nose? Do you think that people with upturned noses are nicer? Would you say that having an upturned nose makes you a more confident person? What do upturned-nosed people have in common?


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