Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do you see people around you?

Sure! if we look around, we see people around us. This isn't very complicated, is it? Well, it might be when you come to think of what the word 'see' means for you here. If it means just being able to see with your eyes, hmmm... then, it's now what I am asking about. What does it mean to see people around us? I guess, it's more than just using your eyes. I believe it's also using your heart first, and then your brain.

OK, what am I babbling about? I am babbling about noticing others, especially those who need our help or support. Look around you in your imagination... Who have you seen today? Have you seen people walking in the streets, have you seen your family... your wife, husband, kids? Have you seen your colleagues, friends? Have you seen foreigners? We see so many people around us but do we notice them with our hearts? Do we ever try to feel what they feel?

Of course, I am not talking about us trying to be emphatic towards each single person we see. What I'm trying to say that we should try to be more sensitive to others, especially those we live with, those who suffer or those who need help. This world is so selfish, and we are so self-centered. What we tend to think about is our own business and how we feel while helping others and trying to understand what others feel is both a challenge and a task for everyone.

I am talking about it today for I was really moved by what these German students came up with. Just take a look at this short clip and try to answer yourself a question: What can I do for someone today? Let it be a small thing for your husband/wife, for you daughter/son or a stranger like in this video...


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