Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do you play any instrument?

Sóweczka (Glaucidium passerinum),
Fot. Artur Mikołajewski, Wikipedia CC
I... used to... I used to play the accordion... I like this instrument although my wife says its sounds too folky and it's too loud... I also lose the 'instrument battle' with my son who beautifully plays the guitar... I also had a period of time when I played the djembe :) I think to myself that perhaps I'll have other opportunities in my life when I'll be able to get back to playing either the accordion (most likely when I retire...) or hopefully a bit sooner the djembe...

But this is all about me... This post is about another student I have had the pleasure of teaching. He's called Stach... A great and intelligent guy who I admire for his being in love with nature... He says that his most desired holiday destination is Białowieski Park Narodowy (the Bialowieza National Park), where he loves spending time watching birds, especially sóweczka (the pygmy owl)...  If you are also interested in birdwatching and nature you might wish to visit Stach's interesting blog here...

And now the key part... I started off making a reference to playing instruments... so let me just continue to the point I wish to make today, that is Stach's another passion... he plays the guitar professionally (although his job is totally different) and records his performances... I do encourage you to visit his YT channel here :)

Just take a look and listen what a great player he is...

And again... I have to say that I do admire such people as Stach for who they are... not just an effective user of English :) but also a father, husband, nature lover and a great guitarist... It's amazing how people can devote themselves to their families without neglecting their hobbies... Stach is a walking encouragement for me and hopefully for you too that once you really want to achieve something, it is possible through your love of what you cherish and believe :) 
Stach, thanks! 

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