Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Do you like your bike?

I like mine :) It's great to go on a bike every now and then, especially with my son :) We do different routes, some of them include rides around the town and others are a bit longer and we cycle through neighboring villages. Anyhow, riding a bike is always great fun.

My bike is this...

I am not a bike freak but I believe that if you're learning English, you should know a few basic bike words such as these...

air valve - zawór powietrzny
baggage carrier - bagażnik
brake - hamulec
brake lever - klamka hamulca
chain - łańcuch
chain guard - osłona łańcucha
fender - błotnik
fork - widelec
front brake - hamulec przedni
front tire - przednia opona
gearshift - przerzutka
grip - chwyt
handlebar - kierownica
headlight - lampa przednia
hub - piasta
kick-stand - nóżka, podpórka
pedal - pedał
rear brake - hamulec tylny
rear tire - opona tylna
rim - obręcz koła
saddle - siodło
spoke - szprycha
tire - opona
tire pump - pompka do kół

And... when you're fed up with your bike, you can go for the smallest bike on Earth... :) Just take a look at this lovely practical solution...

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