Monday, July 20, 2015

Do you know what bike trial is? I didn't... until I met Peter :)

Source: Peter's private album.
Hi Everyone!

Today I wish to write a few things about a great guy I have the pleasure of teaching English and a few more about his hobby, that is bike trials :)

Peter is a great man in many ways... Not only is he a husband and father but also does an interesting job and has many interesting hobbies including riding a bike in a very special way :)

Source: Peter's private album.
First of all, Peter works on TV sites... Although he tried to explain to me what he does there... to be honest, I still don't really have the right picture... :)

Anyway, I know he monitors and maintains TV towers... This, however, is not what I find so exciting about his job... I love the places he has to work at! These include mountains, like the one near Rabka, where he spends his working time, often at night and... here comes the best part... in really beautiful locations from which he can admire the Tatra Mountains or Kraków... When I saw the pictures, they were just breathtaking... I wish I could spend time on such a TV site... not necessarily working too much... but those views... Oh Gosh! :)

The other thing I want to talk about is Peter's unique and extreme hobby, that is bike trial... Before I got to know Peter, I had been aware of crazy people who used their bikes in many abnormal ways. One of these is bike trials which is an individual sport, which in order to do, you need a special bike. The job of such a rider is to maneuver and balance on his bike well enough to complete specially designed either artificial or natural sections.

You just :) need to do these sections trying to avoid touching the ground for if you do touch the ground you get penalty points... This is what I have understood from Peter's explanations... Peter's best score so far is 0 penalty points, which means he is astoundingly good at bike trials!

In the pictures you can see his lovely bike whose frame, as I've learnt, is made of aluminium and the handlebar is made of light carbon fiber. His bike has to be extremely light and obviously has to have very good brakes. There are even CNC drilled holes in the bike rims... all this to make it as light as possible. What surprised me most is that this bike doesn't have a saddle! I guess I have seen people performing on such bikes but, for some reason, I had never paid attention to this detail, which seems quite obvious for me now.... You simply don't need a saddle... there's no time for this :)

Just take a look at what this guy can do! It's utterly epic!

Or this... Isn't he just incredible?

Well... What else can I say... I do admire such people who have their passions and are extremely good at what they do! I find such people inspirational for they send out the message that you can achieve a lot though hard work, devotion and setting goals! Peter, thank you for sharing your story and for being my student :)

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