Wednesday, June 10, 2015

O nauczycielach...

The school year is about to finish within a couple of weeks so I thought we could have a look at different types of the species called "TEACHER". We have all experienced various teachers in our lives and some of this experience is good and some is bad...


I have found somewhere a nice classification of teachers; I am sorry but I have no idea who the author of this is but it's a nice breakdown of teacher types for you to look at and to think of the teachers you have had so far...


And this is how I'd convert it into English:

  • Teacher the Philosopher - "I know that you don't know anything..."
  • Teacher the Roentgen - "I see that you know nothing!"
  • Teacher the Prognostic - "You're good for nothing. You'll see yourselves down in the dumps!"
  • Teacher the Pessimist - "You won't be able to learn it anyway."
  • Teacher the Inquisitor - "You see, so you can't! I've caught you!"
  • Teacher the General(izer) - "Your brother was poor at history, so you won't manage under my supervision either."
  • Teacher the Encyclopedia Freak - "You're changing the order of the words. Read the definition again."
  • Teacher the Aesthete - "A man who looks like this, should not voice his opinions at all."
  • Teacher the Miracle-Non-Believer - "I'll eat my hat if get a four from me."
  • Teacher the Gaussian Curve Lover - "I can't give so many good marks, it'll look suspicious."
  • Teacher the Sentimentalist - "I feel sick when I look at your works."
  • Teacher the Hamlet - "So do you know or do you NOT know?
  • Teacher the Perfectionist - "It's good but you could do better."
  • Teacher the Theory of Relativity Lover - "Very well... three and a half for this."
  • Teacher the Miracle Believer - "Your work is poor. Improve your style and form, orthography and punctuation."
  • Teacher the Catastrophist - "There's an abyss between you and me."
  • Teacher the Great Mystery Protector and Information Censorship Lover - "What mark you got? Well, it's exclusively my own business."
  • Teacher the Preventer - "I'm giving you all the lowest marks, this will teach you responsibility in the future."
  • Teacher the Alamo Defender - You will get a four in Polish over my dead body!
  • Teacher the Humanist - "Well, perhaps you will make a man one day!"
Których typów doświadczyłeś najwięcej?  

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