Friday, May 29, 2015

Zostajesz w tyle z płatnościami?

No cóż... nic na to nie poradzę... Może trzeba zredykować wydatki? W każdym razie zalegać z płatnościami po angielsku to...

  • to get behind with

Zdarzyło się Wam kiedyś wnosić/składać zażalenie? Może po fatalnej obsłudze w restauracji, albo makabrycznym hotelu? Wnieść zażalenie po angielsku to...

  • to file a claim

A firma, która specjalizuje się w przechowywaniu i wysyłce towaru w imieniu ekspedytora to...

  • forwarder
Na koniec... system, który zachęca ludzi do podróży tymi samymi liniami lotniczymi dając w zamian rabaty lub podarunki to...

  • a frequent flyer system

A few examples:

  • Some 16 years ago I kept getting behind with all kinds of bills! Can you imagine? We were trying to settle down in a rented flat and whatever we earned, we had to spend on everyday stuff leaving our bills on the kitchen table for the whole month and then... 
  • I once spent a few hours in a place called Siofok in Hungary by Balaton. I was on my way home from Croatia and I wanted to stop for a day to see the lake. I have to tell you it was a disaster. The place I had booked in Siofok is called Hullam Hostel; see the map below... I booked that place because it was excellently recommended on but when I got there I couldn't believe it was such a wretched place! We arrived at the hostel in the evening, managed to check in, do some shopping and went to the lake. It was impossible to stay in the room however because it was so loud that we could barely stay in. The beds were dirty, smelly, uncomfortable and broken, the fridge rusty and not working... and those wire in the toilet... Wow! I had hardly visited such places in the past! Just to warn everybody... if you're considering a stay in Siofok, NEVER book a room at Hullam Hostel! I decided to leave the place as soon as I checked in... Take a look at the pics... Isn't the place marvelous?

Do you want to share any experiences like mine? Please write!


  1. I googled Balaton and saw the pictures.. the lake is huuuuge and incredible! Did you go swimming?

    1. Hi Ania! Indeed, the lake is huuuuge :) but when I got there, I have to say I was disappointed... The weather was bad, it was windy and rather chilly... and to crown it all that hotel was a disaster... We just went for a walk and that's it. Mind you, we were on our way back from lovely, sunny Croatia with crystal-clear waters...

  2. I really agree that the place is quite marvelous. I learn english skype free at and your room kind of looks like my teacher's room.

    1. Hi Jessica... no need to advertise preply :) as I am already there:


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