Thursday, April 23, 2015

Television has become a major part of many people’s lives. What do you believe are the advantages and disadvantages of TV?


Dzisiaj wrzucam drugą przykładową wypowiedź na temat wyżej :) Praca ta może być przez Was wykorzystywana do Waszych własnych celów edukacyjnych... Może się Wam przyda?

In many aspects I have to agree with this statement. Not only has a TV set become the central piece of furniture in many living rooms but it also occupies a lot of people’s time in lives.

There are some advantages of TV. First of all, TV is a good source of information for it offers a range news programs, political debates and others. It is also a great source of entertainment because, among other things, I can always find some reality show, chat show or a good movie. In addition, TV can also serve as a source of knowledge and can have educational value for I can watch many documentaries, historical or scientific programs.

However, there are also some disadvantages because TV might distort the reality and people might get manipulated by this medium. Another disadvantage is that TV might be addictive if you are not a strong-willed person. Thirdly, TV is time consuming and may create mental unrest when you watch it long, especially before going to bed, which is the time you should do something more relaxing than just watch violent movies or annoying political debates.

To sum up, one needs to be clever enough to have a TV set at home because only a balanced approach can guarantee that you will watch TV selectively, which will not affect your wellbeing and lifestyle.

Any comments?


  1. I live without TV since February and that's OK. Thre is only one think which I miss.. These are ads :D I didn't realize that they were taking really important part in my life. Now I can't go by the magazine lying at my mailbox without stop and look at them

    1. "I have lived" Kinga :) You're very original, indeed! How can one like TV commercials??? I have lived without a TV set for years now and I don't miss any bit of it! Now< i am sure it is a disastrous time consumer that often makes you feel down, especially when you watch TV news and political debates, but the films that are suggested are no better, either.

      BTW: How is your violin practice? I've recently come across your YT recordings...


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