Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In many countries, school have problems with student behavior. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?


Dzisiaj wrzucam przykładową wypowiedź na temat wyżej :) Praca ta może być przez Was wykorzystywana do Waszych własnych celów edukacyjnych... Może się Wam przyda?

Indeed, it is a true statement. Many schools in many countries find it difficult to cope with their students’ non-compliant behavior. There are quite a few reasons for this state of things but there are also a few solutions to this problem. I would like to express myself on both aspects of this problem.

First of all, the causes of students’ misbehavior at schools is their own home. In many a case children feel lonely at home with parents spending a lot of time at work trying to make ends meet. These poor children start organizing entertainment for themselves, which is not always good for they either take up playing violent computer games or spend time with not necessarily top-of-the class peers. Either way affects their behavior which is then carried over to schools.

What solutions shall be suggested to solve this problem? Well, I believe, parents should be educated by schools on how important it is when children spend time with their parents doing creative, entertaining and educating things together. Parents should be more responsible for bringing up their children, which means positive organization of their kids’ time but they should also spend time with them and explain to them what pitfalls they are likely to fall into if they do this or that.

To sum up I think misbehavior at schools is a serious problem because our world is changing and this change is not really positive. Parents are busy making a living, children are often left alone and despite being supported materially by their hard-working parents, they are neglected mentally.

Any comments?

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