Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I love school so much that I can't sleep because I keep thinking of what a great day it will be next day!

A joke, of course! I think I've never liked school. I believe this institution is too old-fashioned to be competitive these days. Schools have not changed for centuries and lessons are still held in classrooms with one or two teachers who show up in front of the class to give their lecture and to vanish the minute the school bell rings. Whatever you manage to remember or learn, it's yours... if you don't manage, well... you have a problem. Yes! You! Schools don't really care much, do they? The school business is just based on having classes done and that's it. Syllabuses must be covered, encyclopaedic knowledge passed on, students tested, and pushed to another level... Isn't it the picture of school as it is today? I think school do not appreciate those for whom schools still exists, i.e. students. How much time is devoted at school to really diagnose the potential of each and every student? Do they take any Multiple Intelligence tests, is there any time devoted to determining each student's learning style, his/her dominant brain hemisphere? Are classes organized in ways that would perfectly match the needs of the diagnosed students? How much enthusiasm is there during classes? Are teachers enthusiastic? Are the methods and techniques well selected? Are activities practical, gripping? Is motivation in the air at school? Well... That's what I thought... Schools must be changed if they are to exist because otherwise, children have lots of other more interesting ways and places to learn.

Ooops... I got carried away with this intro :) I just meant to write down about FIVE school used expressions... Do you know them?

  1. TO WIN A SCHOLARSHIP - uzyskać stypendium
  2. TO DROP OUT OF UNIVERSITY - przerwać naukę na uniwersytecie
  3. TO PLAY TRUANT - wagarować
  4. TO SIT (for) AN EXAM - przystąpić do egzaminu
  5. EDUTAINMENT - określenie, które używane jest do opisania sytuacji, w której człowiek się uczy przez zabawę

A few questions to you:

  • Have you ever won a scholarship? Tell me all about it!
  • Would you like to drop out of school? Why? When?
  • Do you ever play truant? What do you then?
  • What's the nearest exam you'll have to sit for? Are you prepared?
  • Do you think that playing computer games could be described as edutainment? Why (not)?


  1. Oh I did play truant! I used to hang out with my friends in the park particularly in spring. In my defence, the classes I skipped were boring ;)


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