Monday, April 13, 2015

How creative a musician can be?

Hello, hello! Do you play any instrument? Are you good at it? Do you write music? i have always admired people who can play some instrument on a professional level. I myself used to play the accordion and some time ago I took up playing the djembe :) I am in no way a professional player in either case but I am very fond of music and I like listening to a range of genres.

My list of music types I like is as follows:

  • world folk (excluding Poland)
  • popular rock hits (mostly ballads)
  • reggae
  • SKA
  • classical (mostly Handel, Bach, and Vivaldi)
  • chill out
  • US country (traditional)
  • religious
What do you listen to? How much music is there in your life?

Now.. getting back to the title of this post... I've recently found a really creative musician from Hoch Tirol... Just take a look at what a specialist he is... Let me know what you think of this way of performing... :)

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