Monday, January 12, 2015

MATURA 2015, egzamin ustny, ZADANIE 2

Zapraszam na serię powtórkową przed maturą ustną 2015 :)

Oto dzisiaj... specjalnie dla Was :) przykładowa odpowiedź do Zadania 2.

Wierzę, że moje przykłady odpowiedzi pomogą Wam ogarnąć przygotowania do egzaminu!

Czas na ogarnięcie tego zadania to całe pięć minut :)

Polecenie brzmi następująco:
Opisz zdjęcie, a następnie odpowiedz na pytania egzaminującego.

Source: Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o. 2011 New Matura Success Upper Intermediate

Zdający: The picture shows a group of young boys who are playing some rock music in the cellar of some building, presumably school. There two electric guitarists, a drummer and a forth one who probably sings for the band. There's also a keyboard set up but I see no one who would be playing it. It's possible that one of the guitarists also plays the keyboard. It looks like they are rehearsing before some concert or some performance. Although the band are young they look quite professional. They might be thinking of winning the hearts of their peers and becoming famous. They have to meet regularly to improve the quality of their performance.   

Pytania egzaminującego:

1. In your opinion, will they become famous one day? Why?/Why not?
It's not so easy to become famous these days for the competition on the music market is tough. There are many bands who think similar to those in the picture. I guess everything boils down to what they can offer their audiences. Their music must be in some way original, different, inspirational or just better than whatever else is available today. If they manage to come up with something unique, they might become famous one day... Who knows...
2. Would you like to be able to play any musical instruments? Why?/Why not?
Of course, I would. I'd love to play the guitar. I believe this is the best instrument for me to play. Not only is its sound beautiful but you can play virtually anything anywhere once you have some solid training. If I could play the guitar, I would be more recognized in my environment by appearing on stage every now and then.
3. Tell me about a situation when you (or someone you know) had to perform in public.
When I was in primary school I was often chosen to recite poetry on various occasions. I was always very stressed before each appearance but then it gave me a lot of pleasure when I was rewarded with ovations and when I knew people liked the way I mouthed my poems.

Macie pytania? Uwagi? Inne pomysły na uporanie się z tym zadaniem? Piszcie!

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