Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!


What to expect this year? Will it be good or bad? Will it be just the same as the previous ones? Whatever it brings, we just have to live it... or is there any other option? :) Anyway, all the best on the first day of 2015 and on all the other remaining 364 days! :)

The good news is that almost 40% of this year are weekend days! :)

Ahead of us are 52 weeks... if you convert it into hours... it's 8 760 hours, which is 525 600 minutes, which is 31 536 000 seconds!
Since it's New Year, let me just give you a few interesting expressions with the word 'year':

  • years and years - całymi latami
  • year of plenty - tłusty rok
  • lean years - chude lata
  • well on in years - mocno podstarzały
  • wear sb's years well - dobrze wyglądać na swój wiek :)
  • tender years - młode lata
  • stricken in years - w podeszłym wieku
  • since the year dot - od niepamiętnych czasów
  • for donkey's years - kopę lat
  • bonanza year - rok sukcesu

Will it be a year of plenty or a lean year?
Do you wear your years well?
What have you liked since the year dot?
Will it be a bonanza year for you?


  1. This will be a bonanza year for me and I wish the same to everybody!! ;-)

    1. Great! Thanks... 'everybody' includes me as well! I hope it will be a rich year for you too!


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