Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 examples of desserts

Do you have a sweet tooth (słabość do słodyczy)? There are periods when I just can't stop myself from eating something sweet. But desserts are a special kind of sweetness, would you agree? Here, I want to give you 10 names for popular desserts (aka puddings in the UK). Let's take a look at them:

1. apple pie - with delicious filling (wypełnienie) and pastry (ciasto)
2. creme brulee - francuski deser kremowy
3. trifle - biszkopt z owocami i bitą śmietaną
4. fruit salad - sałatka owocowa
5. Christmas pudding - tradycyjne słodkie danie bożonarodzeniowe
6. pancakes - naleśniki
7. cheesecake - sernik
8. strawberry tart - tarta truskawkowa
9. cream puffs - ptysie
10. chocolate mint bars - babeczki czekoladowo miętowe

Have you eaten any of these? Which is your favourite dessert? What is your own favourite dessert that I haven't listed here? Can you share a recipe?


  1. I have eaten all of them ;) Pancake with Nutella and fruits is my number one. I love sweets but I try to abstain from it. One of my favourite desserts is sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. Perfect combination of hot sponge filled with toffee sauce accompanied by cold vanilla ice cream makes your day, delicious. I really recommend it. ;)

    1. Didn't know you have a sweet tooth Michał! :) The other thing is that you shouldn't recommend these desserts without telling the public the whole story... I mean you work out a lot at the gym after you've enjoyed your dessert! Is that correct? I've recently discovered what I'm going to follow ASAP, that is alkaline diet! Heard of it?

    2. I didn`t know this diet. I googled it ;) I am in favour of balanced diet including: proteins, carbohydrates and fats plus vitamins and minerals ;). Obviously as a human being I treat myself sometimes with some desserts ;)

    3. You didn't know? How come? I thought you knew everything about healthy nutrition! Do you think it's possible to lose weight without strenuous exercise but just relying on alkaline diet?

    4. Definitely you can lose some weight without exercising. This is a matter of energy expenditure, you should eat according to your daily activities. However, I believe that sport has magnificent impact on our bodies and minds. Nothing will replace a decent work out either in the gym or outdoor where we can lose the weight, get stronger physically and mentally.


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