Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Would you be happy if Santa brought you a funnel this year?

That's a good gift... especially when you need to pour some liquid into a bottle through a thin bottle neck... Perhaps it's not the best X-mas present unless you pour liquids very frequently :) OK, what do you call this thing? The answer is...


In Polish we call it lejek. And this is how you pronounce the word funnel.

Why am I writing about a funnel today? Well... maybe the basic noun referring to 'lejek' is an important word too, but I feel you can use this word in a more practical way to mean the following:

  • skierować do kogoś (np. fundusze)
  • przekazać środki na realizację czegoś
I think the above phrases are far more useful than just the noun 'funnel'. And here is how you translate the above:
  • to funnel (money) to sb/sth
  • to funnel funds into realizing sth
And a few examples from the Net:
  • ...funneled money to British officers...
  • They funneled money into the campaign...
  • ...who funneled money through various charity fronts.
  • According to prosecutors, Faiella's business 'funneled money into the site...
  • ...and funneled funds into other projects...
  • ...and funneled funds into assets of questionable quality...

My question to you:
How often do you use funnels? Can you make your own example with the word funnel?

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