Friday, December 26, 2014

Which do you like more? Cejrowski's books, himself alone or his programs?

I guess everybody knows this guy:

Yes, Wojciech Cejrowski - the always intriguing, controversial and popular guy, who's been everywhere, seen everything and talked to everyone. :)

I love the guy for his clear cut principles, his radio and TV programs, and his books! I've read all of them (although, unfortunately, he hasn't written that many of them).

I've recently read his very last book...

I read it, as his other books, in awe... It's a great book telling stories from Cejrowski's life in Arizona, USA. Written in a great way and with an amazing sense of humor, the book is a must read for all who are into travel, culture and Cejrowski's own and unconventional style!

Having read the book I immediately went to browse the Internet for a piece of land I could purchase myself to experience the life described in the above hardback volume. And who knows... perhaps one day I'll take the risk :)

Anyway, I do recommend the book! It's obviously worth devoting your money and time!

Have you read any of Cejrowski's books? Which is your favorite? Why? 

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